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Epidemiologic studies

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PubMed:: "Epidemiologic Studies"[Mesh] OR cohort[tiab] OR (case[tiab] AND (control[tiab] OR controll*[tiab] OR comparison[tiab] OR referent[tiab])) OR risk[tiab] OR causation[tiab] OR causal[tiab] OR "odds ratio"[tiab] OR etiol*[tiab] OR aetiol*[tiab] OR "natural history"[tiab] OR predict*[tiab] OR prognos*[tiab] OR outcome[tiab] OR course[tiab] OR retrospect*[tiab];; PubMed for non-randomized and observational designs:: "cohort studies"[mesh] OR "case-control studies"[mesh] OR "comparative study"[pt] OR "risk factors"[mesh] OR "cohort"[tw] OR "compared"[tw] OR "groups"[tw] OR "case control"[tw] OR "multivariate"[tw];; cohort:ab,ti OR (case:ab,ti AND (control:ab,ti OR controll*:ab,ti OR comparison:ab,ti OR referent:ab,ti)) OR risk:ab,ti OR causation:ab,ti OR causal:ab,ti OR 'odds ratio':ab,ti OR etiol*:ab,ti OR aetiol*:ab,ti OR 'natural history':ab,ti OR predict*:ab,ti OR prognos*:ab,ti OR outcome:ab,ti OR course:ab,ti OR retrospect*:ab,ti OR 'epidemiology'/de;; for non-randomized and observational designs:: 'clinical article'/exp OR 'controlled study'/exp OR 'major clinical study'/exp OR 'prospective study'/exp OR 'cohort analysis'/exp OR 'cohort':ti,ab OR 'compared':ti,ab OR 'groups':ti,ab OR 'case control':ti,ab OR 'multivariate':ti,ab
Ket JCF and Vries R de
PubMed drafted in 2009 from: Etiology, causation, harm; and: Natural history and prognosis. In: McKibbon KA, Eady A, Marks S. PDQ evidence-based principles and practice. Hamilton etc.: B.C. Decker; 1999, p. 91, 110. PubMed revised in 2015 by adding '[ot]'. drafted by De Vries, 2015. PubMed and for non-randomized and observational designs from: (Countway Library of Medicine, 31 Aug 2016).
Epidemiology; PubMed (PM); Study types; methodology; (EM)