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PubMed basic:: "Haloperidol"[Mesh] OR haloperidol[tiab] OR haldol[tiab];; PubMed extensive:: "Haloperidol"[Mesh] OR haldol[tiab] OR alased[tiab] OR aloperidin*[tiab] OR avant[tiab] OR binison*[tiab] OR brotopon*[tiab] OR celenase[tiab] OR cereen[tiab] OR cerenace[tiab] OR cizoren[tiab] OR depidol[tiab] OR dores[tiab] OR dozic[tiab] OR duraperidol[tiab] OR "einalon s"[tiab] OR fortunan*[tiab] OR govotil[tiab] OR halidol[tiab] OR halo-p[tiab] OR halojust[tiab] OR halomed[tiab] OR haloneural[tiab] OR haloper[tiab] OR haloperi*[tiab] OR halopidol[tiab] OR halopol[tiab] OR halosten[tiab] OR haricon[tiab] OR "haridol d"[tiab] OR keselan[tiab] OR linton[tiab] OR "lodomer 2"[tiab] OR "mcn jr 1625"[tiab] OR "mcn jr1625"[tiab] OR mixidol[tiab] OR novoperidol[tiab] OR "nsc 170973"[tiab] OR nsc170973[tiab] OR peluces[tiab] OR perida[tiab] OR peridol[tiab] OR peridor[tiab] OR "r 1625"[tiab] OR r1625[tiab] OR selezyme[tiab] OR seranace[tiab] OR serenace[tiab] OR serenase[tiab] OR serenelfi[tiab] OR siegoperidol[tiab] OR sigaperidol[tiab] OR trancodol*[tiab] OR haldol[ot] OR alased[ot] OR aloperidin*[ot] OR avant[ot] OR binison*[ot] OR brotopon*[ot] OR celenase[ot] OR cereen[ot] OR cerenace[ot] OR cizoren[ot] OR depidol[ot] OR dores[ot] OR dozic[ot] OR duraperidol[ot] OR "einalon s"[ot] OR fortunan*[ot] OR govotil[ot] OR halidol[ot] OR halo-p[ot] OR halojust[ot] OR halomed[ot] OR haloneural[ot] OR haloper[ot] OR haloperi*[ot] OR halopidol[ot] OR halopol[ot] OR halosten[ot] OR haricon[ot] OR "haridol d"[ot] OR keselan[ot] OR linton[ot] OR "lodomer 2"[ot] OR "mcn jr 1625"[ot] OR "mcn jr1625"[ot] OR mixidol[ot] OR novoperidol[ot] OR "nsc 170973"[ot] OR nsc170973[ot] OR peluces[ot] OR perida[ot] OR peridol[ot] OR peridor[ot] OR "r 1625"[ot] OR r1625[ot] OR selezyme[ot] OR seranace[ot] OR serenace[ot] OR serenase[ot] OR serenelfi[ot] OR siegoperidol[ot] OR sigaperidol[ot] OR trancodol*[ot];; basic:: 'haloperidol'/exp OR haloperidol:ab,ti OR haldol:ab,ti;; extensive:: 'haloperidol'/exp OR (haldol OR alased OR aloperidin* OR avant OR binison* OR brotopon* OR celenase OR cereen OR cerenace OR cizoren OR depidol OR dores OR dozic OR duraperidol OR "einalon s" OR fortunan* OR govotil OR halidol OR halo-p OR halojust OR halomed OR haloneural OR haloper OR haloperi* OR halopidol OR halopol OR halosten OR haricon OR "haridol d" OR keselan OR linton OR "lodomer 2" OR "mcn jr 1625" OR "mcn jr1625" OR mixidol OR novoperidol OR "nsc 170973" OR nsc170973 OR peluces OR perida OR peridol OR peridor OR "r 1625" OR r1625 OR selezyme OR seranace OR serenace OR serenase OR serenelfi OR siegoperidol OR sigaperidol OR trancodol*):ti,ab;; CINAHL:: (MH "Haloperidol") OR TI ( (haloperidol OR haldol) ) OR AB ( (haloperidol OR haldol) );; PsycInfo:: DE "Haloperidol" OR TI ( (haloperidol OR haldol) ) OR AB ( (haloperidol OR haldol) );; Cochrane Library:: (haloperidol or haldol):ti,ab,kw
Otten RHJ and Ket JCF
PubMed and basic, CINAHL, PsycInfo and Cochrane Library by Otten, 21 Apr 2015; PubMed and extensive by Ket, 16 Jul 2015.
PubMed (PM); (EM); Wiley/Cochrane Library (CLib); EBSCO/CINAHL; EBSCO/PsycInfo (PI); Drugs (pharm.preparations)