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Animal studies exclusion

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PubMed:: #.. NOT (animals[mh] NOT humans[mh]);; #.. NOT ([animals]/lim NOT [humans]/lim);; OVID/ #.. NOT ((exp animal/ or nonhuman/) NOT exp human/);; PsycInfo:: #.. NOT (PO Animal NOT PO Human);; CINAHL:: #.. NOT (MH "Animals" NOT MH "Human)
Bramer WM, Fowler S, Ket JCF, Otten RHJ, and Riphagen II
excludes references which are solely indexed with the term 'Animals'. The references without (any) index terms or with both the index terms 'Animals' and 'Humans' will be found. PubMed drafted from CT-filter in Cochrane Handbook by Riphagen & Ket, 2011. by Fowler in e-mail, 24 Mar 2011. OVID/ drafted by Bramer in e-mail 30 Mar 2015. Exclusion of animal studies in Web of Science is difficult as there are no keywords assigned in Web of Science. It is therefore advised not to try to exclude animal studies here.
EBSCO/CINAHL; EBSCO/PsycInfo (PI); (EM); Limits; OVID-Embase; PubMed (PM)