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Intestinal flora

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PubMed:: "Gastrointestinal Microbiome"[Mesh] OR ((intestin*[tiab] OR gut[tiab]) AND (microbiot*[tiab] OR biota*[tiab] OR flora*[tiab] OR microflora*[tiab])) OR "Lactobacillaceae"[Mesh] OR lactobacill*[tiab] OR "Bifidobacterium"[Mesh] OR bifidobacteri*[tiab] OR "Clostridium"[Mesh] OR clostridium*[tiab] OR "Streptococcaceae"[Mesh] OR streptococc*[tiab] OR "Escherichia"[Mesh] OR escherichia*[tiab];; PubMed extended:: "Metagenome"[Mesh] OR "Microbiota"[Mesh] OR "Bacteria"[Mesh] OR metagenom*[tiab] OR microbiom*[tiab] OR microbiot*[tiab] OR microorganism*[tiab] OR micro organism*[tiab] OR commensal*[tiab] OR symbios*[tiab] OR dysbios*[tiab] OR pathosymbio*[tiab] OR flora[tiab] OR floras[tiab] OR microflora*[tiab] OR colonisati*[tiab] OR colonizati*[tiab] OR microbial*[tiab] OR enteropathogen*[tiab] OR faecalibacterium prausnitzii[tiab] OR eubacterium rectale[tiab] OR escherichia coli[tiab] OR proteobacteri*[tiab] OR enterobacteriaceae[tiab] OR firmicutes[tiab] OR clostridi*[tiab] OR bacteroid*[tiab] OR bifidobacteri*[tiab] OR lactobacillus[tiab] OR akkermansia municiphila[tiab] OR fusobacteri*[tiab] OR roseburia*[tiab] OR ruminococcus[tiab] OR bacteria*[tiab] OR helicobacter pylori[tiab] OR campylobacter*[tiab];; extended:: 'metagenome'/exp OR 'microflora'/de OR 'bacterial flora'/exp OR 'feces microflora'/exp OR 'intestine flora'/exp OR 'microbiome'/exp OR 'bacterium'/exp OR metagenom*:ab,ti OR microbiom*:ab,ti OR microbiot*:ab,ti OR microorganism*:ab,ti OR (micro NEAR/3 organism*):ab,ti OR commensal*:ab,ti OR symbios*:ab,ti OR dysbios*:ab,ti OR pathosymbio*:ab,ti OR flora:ab,ti OR floras:ab,ti OR microflora*:ab,ti OR colonisati*:ab,ti OR colonizati*:ab,ti OR microbial*:ab,ti OR enteropathogen*:ab,ti OR 'faecalibacterium prausnitzii':ab,ti OR 'eubacterium rectale':ab,ti OR 'escherichia coli':ab,ti OR proteobacteri*:ab,ti OR enterobacteriaceae:ab,ti OR firmicutes:ab,ti OR clostridi*:ab,ti OR bacteroid*:ab,ti OR bifidobacteri*:ab,ti OR lactobacillus:ab,ti OR 'akkermansia municiphila':ab,ti OR fusobacteri*:ab,ti OR roseburia*:ab,ti OR ruminococcus:ab,ti OR bacteria*:ab,ti OR 'helicobacter pylori':ab,ti OR campylobacter*:ab,ti
Brand D, Ket JCF, and Vries R de
PubMed by Ket & Brand, 26 Jan 2012. PubMed and extended by Ket 7 Jul 2015. "Gastrointestinal Microbiome"[Mesh] was added by De Vries, 11 May 2017.
Physiology; PubMed (PM)
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