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Anti tumor necrosis factors (anti-TNF)

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PubMed:: "Tumor Necrosis Factors/antagonists and inhibitors"[Mesh] OR anti tumour necrosis factor*[tiab] OR anti tnf[tiab] OR anti tumor necrosis factor*[tiab] OR adalimumab[tiab] OR humira[tiab] OR etanercept[tiab] OR enbrel[tiab] OR infliximab[tiab] OR remicade[tiab];; 1 TUMOR NECROSIS FACTOR-ALPHA/ai [ai=Antagonists & Inhibitors];; 2 ("anti tumour necrosis factor" OR "anti tnf" OR "anti tumor necrosis factor").ti,ab;; 3 Adalimumab.ti,ab;; 4 humira.ti,ab;; 5 (etanercept OR Enbrel).ti,ab;; 6 (infliximab OR remicade).ti,ab;; 7 1 OR 2 OR 3 OR 4 OR 5 OR 6
Divall P and Ket JCF
Divall's OVID/Medline-filter from e-mail 21 May 2010 to CLINLIB-mailinglist. Adaptation for PubMed by Ket.
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