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Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

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PubMed limited:: "Magnetic Resonance Imaging"[Mesh] OR ("magnetic resonance"[tiab] AND (image[tiab] OR images[tiab] OR imaging[tiab])) OR mri[tiab] OR mris[tiab] OR nmr[tiab] OR mra[tiab] OR mras[tiab] OR zeugmatograph*[tiab] OR "mr tomography"[tiab] OR "mr tomographies"[tiab] OR "mr tomographic"[tiab] OR "proton spin"[tiab] OR ((magneti*[tiab] OR "chemical shift"[tiab]) AND imaging[tiab]) OR fmri[tiab] OR fmris[tiab];; PubMed extensive:: "Magnetic Resonance Imaging"[mh] OR "magnetic resonance spectroscopy"[mh] OR "magnetic resonance"[tiab] OR NMR[tiab] OR MR[tiab] OR MRI[tiab] OR MRIs[tiab] OR mrs[tiab] OR MRSI[tiab] OR fMRI[tiab] OR fMRIs[tiab] OR "functional imaging"[tiab] OR fcmri[tiab] OR cmr[tiab] OR MRA[tiab] OR "diffusion weighted"[tiab] OR "perfusion weighted"[tiab] OR "diffusion tensor"[tiab] OR tractography[tiab] OR "magnetization transfer"[tiab] OR zeugmatograph*[tiab] OR echo-planar[tiab] OR echoplanar[tiab] OR "proton spin tomography"[tiab] OR "chemical shift imaging"[tiab] OR 1H-MR*[tiab] OR 1HMR*[tiab] OR H-MR*[tiab] OR HMR*[tiab] OR tesla[tiab] OR DWI[tiab] OR DTI[tiab] OR "arterial spin labelling"[tiab] OR "arterial spin labeling"[tiab] OR "current density imaging"[tiab] OR MP-RAGE[tiab] OR MPRAGE[tiab] OR "turbo spin echo"[tiab] OR T1weighted[tiab] OR T2weighted[tiab] OR T1-weighted[tiab] OR T2-weighted[tiab] OR "t2 star"[tiab] OR t2-map*[tiab] OR t2-value*[tiab] OR t2-relax*[tiab] OR t1-map*[tiab] OR t1-value*[tiab] OR t1-relax*[tiab] OR dgemric[tiab] OR ASL[tiab];; 'nuclear magnetic resonance imaging'/exp OR ('magnetic resonance':ab,ti AND (image:ab,ti OR images:ab,ti OR imaging:ab,ti)) OR mri:ab,ti OR mris:ab,ti OR nmr:ab,ti OR mra:ab,ti OR mras:ab,ti OR zeugmatograph*:ab,ti OR 'mr tomography':ab,ti OR 'mr tomographies':ab,ti OR 'mr tomographic':ab,ti OR 'proton spin':ab,ti OR (magneti*:ab,ti OR 'chemical shift':ab,ti AND imaging:ab,ti) OR fmri:ab,ti OR fmris:ab,ti
Ket JCF and Mol M
"proton spin tomography"[tiab] not used after the year 1995; zeugmatograph*[tiab] only used once after 1995; "multinuclear imaging"[tiab] is not yet recognised in PubMed, it is recognised in Embase; ASL[tiab] will give noise like 'American sign language'; "magnetic resonance spectroscopy"[mh] also included although it produced mainly physical and chemical literature; NMR[tiab] also included although it produced mainly physical and chemical literature; if necessary add terms like: "fast spin echo"[tiab] OR ssfse[tiab] OR frfse[tiab] OR t1wi[tiab] OR t2wi[tiab]. General information on MRI: othewise than CT and Xray, MRI uses non-ionizing radiation (radiofrequency) and magnetic fields. MRI is directed to the core of the atoms. It's very useful for soft tissues like muscles, brain, heart, blood vessels and tumors. PubMed specific and by Ket, 5 Jan 2011; PubMed sensitive by Mol, 25 Apr 2011.
Diagnosis; (EM); PubMed (PM)