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Melanomas or squamous cell or basal cell carcinomas

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"Melanoma"[Mesh] OR "Neoplasms, Basal Cell"[Mesh] OR "Neoplasms, Squamous Cell"[Mesh] OR melanom*[tiab] OR melanot*[tiab] OR squamous cell*[tiab] OR acanthom*[tiab] OR epidermoid*[tiab] OR planocellular*[tiab] OR bowens disease*[tiab] OR bowen disease*[tiab] OR bowen's disease*[tiab] OR verrucous*[tiab] OR (buschke[tiab] AND lowenstein*[tiab]) OR giant condyloma acuminatu*[tiab] OR basal cell*[tiab] OR rodent ulcer*[tiab] OR gorlin syndrome*[tiab] OR gorlin goltz*[tiab] OR nbccs*[tiab] OR fifth phacomatos*[tiab] OR basosquamou*[tiab] OR pilomatri*[tiab] OR (epithelioma*[tiab] AND malherbe*[tiab]) OR melanom*[ot] OR squamous cell*[ot] OR acanthom*[ot] OR epidermoid*[ot] OR planocellular*[ot] OR bowens disease*[ot] OR bowen disease*[ot] OR bowen's disease*[ot] OR verrucous*[ot] OR (buschke[ot] AND lowenstein*[ot]) OR giant condyloma acuminatu*[ot] OR basal cell*[ot] OR rodent ulcer*[ot] OR gorlin syndrome*[ot] OR gorlin goltz*[ot] OR nbccs*[ot] OR fifth phacomatos*[ot] OR basosquamou*[ot] OR pilomatri*[ot] OR (epithelioma*[ot] AND malherbe*[ot])
Diseases; Oncology; PubMed (PM)
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