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Migrants or ethnic groups

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PubMed:: "Transients and Migrants"[Mesh] OR "Emigrants and Immigrants"[Mesh] OR "Ethnic Groups"[Mesh:NoExp] OR "Cultural Diversity"[Mesh] OR "Cultural Competency"[Mesh] OR "Culturally Competent Care"[Mesh] OR migrant*[tiab] OR immigrant*[tiab] OR emigrant*[tiab] OR minorit*[tiab] OR ethnic*[tiab] OR cultural diversit*[tiab] OR culturally competen*[tiab] OR culturally appropriate[tiab] OR cultural sensit*[tiab] OR culturally sensit*[tiab] OR culturally adapt*[tiab] OR cultural adapt*[tiab] OR multicultural[tiab] OR multi-cultural[tiab] OR transcultural[tiab] OR trans-cultural[tiab] OR intercultural[tiab] OR inter-cultural[tiab] OR cross-cultural[tiab] OR crosscultural[tiab] OR cultural competen*tiab] OR CALD[tiab] OR culturally and linguistically*[tiab];; 'migration'/exp OR 'ethnic, racial and religious groups'/exp OR migrant*:ti,ab OR ethnic*:ti,ab OR minorit*:ti,ab;; PsycInfo:: KW=(migrant* or immigrant* or ethnic* or minorit*) or DE=("religious groups" or "buddhists" or "christians" or "hindus" or "jews" or "muslims" or "sikhs" or "racial and ethnic groups" or "african cultural groups" or "alaska natives" or "american indians" or "arabs" or "asians" or "blacks" or "chinese cultural groups" or "cross cultural differences" or "cross cultural psychology" or "cross cultural treatment" or "cultural sensitivity" or "hawaii natives" or "indigenous populations" or "inuit" or "japanese cultural groups" or "korean cultural groups" or "latinos/latinas" or "mexican americans" or "minority groups" or "multiculturalism" or "pacific islanders" or "race anthropological" or "racial and ethnic attitudes" or "racial and ethnic differences" or "romanies" or "social identity" or "sociocultural factors" or "south asian cultural groups" or "southeast asian cultural groups" or "tribes" or "vietnamese cultural groups" or "whites");; Cochrane Library:: transient* OR immigrant* OR emigrant* OR migrant* OR ethnic* OR minorit*
Jansma EP, Planting CHM, and Schoonmade LJ
Consider expanding this block with: "ethnology" [Subheading] specific population groups, e.g.: turkey[tiab] OR Turkish[tiab] OR morocco[tiab] OR Moroccan*[tiab] "Refugees"[Mesh] OR refugee*[tiab] OR asylum seeker*[tiab]
EBSCO/PsycInfo (PI); (EM); Patients; Population groups; PubMed (PM); Wiley/Cochrane Library (CLib)