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Motivation (for treatment)

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PubMed:: "Motivation"[Mesh:NoExp] OR "Drive"[Mesh:NoExp] OR "Intention"[Mesh] OR "Patient Acceptance of Health Care"[Mesh] OR "Mandatory Programs"[Mesh] OR "Patient Dropouts"[Mesh] OR Motivat*[ti] OR Incentive*[ti] OR Disincentive[ti] OR Drive[ti] OR Intention*[ti] OR Accept*[ti] OR Nonaccept*[ti] OR Complian*[ti] OR Adheren*[ti] OR Refusal[ti] OR Participat*[ti] OR Dropout*[ti] OR Mandat*[ti] OR compulsory[ti] OR Motivat*[ot] OR Incentive[ot] OR Disincentive[ot] OR Drive[ot] OR Intention*[ot] OR Accept*[ot] OR Nonaccept*[ot] OR Complian*[ot] OR Adheren*[ot] OR Refusal[ot] OR Participat*[ot] OR Dropout*[ot] OR Mandat*[ot] OR compulsory[ot];; PsycInfo:: DE "Readiness to Change" OR DE "Behavior Change" OR DE "Stages of Change" OR DE "Motivational Interviewing" OR DE "Motivation" OR DE "Extrinsic Motivation" OR DE "Intrinsic Motivation" OR DE "Incentives" OR DE "Treatment Compliance" OR DE "Treatment Refusal" OR TI (Motivat* OR Incentive* OR Disincentive OR Drive OR Intention* OR Accept* OR Nonaccept* OR Complian* OR Adheren* OR Refusal OR Participat* OR Dropout* OR Mandat* OR compulsory)
Otten RHJ
EBSCO/PsycInfo (PI); PubMed (PM); Therapy