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Multiple sclerosis

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PubMed:: "Multiple Sclerosis"[mh] OR "Encephalomyelitis"[mh] OR "Myelitis"[mh] OR multiple scleros*[tiab] OR optic neurit*[tiab] OR acute disseminated encephalomyelit*[tiab] OR myelooptic neuropath*[tiab] OR myelo optico neuropath*[tiab] OR myelit*[tiab] OR neuromyelitis optica[tiab] OR encephalomyelit*[tiab] OR clinically isolated syndrome*[tiab] OR transverse myelit*[tiab] OR devic disease*[tiab] OR devics[tiab] OR demyelinating disease*[tiab] OR demyelinating disorder*[tiab] OR adem[tiab];; 'multiple sclerosis'/exp OR 'myelitis'/exp OR ('multiple scleros*' OR 'optic neurit*' OR 'acute disseminated encephalomyelit*' OR 'myelooptic neuropath*' OR 'myelo optico neuropath*' OR myelit* OR 'neuromyelitis optica' OR encephalomyelit* OR 'clinically isolated syndrome*' OR 'transverse myelit*' OR 'devic disease*' OR devics OR 'demyelinating disease*' OR 'demyelinating disorder*' OR adem):ab,ti;; Web of Science:: TOPIC:("multiple scleros*" OR "optic neurit*" OR "acute disseminated encephalomyelit*" OR "myelooptic neuropath*" OR "myelo optico neuropath*" OR myelit* OR "neuromyelitis optica" OR encephalomyelit* OR "clinically isolated syndrome*" OR "transverse myelit*" OR "devic disease*" OR devics OR "demyelinating disease*" OR "demyelinating disorder*" OR adem);; en Web of Science:: Heine, 7 jul 2016.
PubMed drafted 7 Jan 2016; and Web of Science 7 Jul 2016.
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