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"Upper Extremity"[Mesh] OR forearm*[tiab] OR fore arm*[tiab] OR metacarp*[tiab] OR forelimb*[tiab] OR fore limb*[tiab] OR (upper[tiab] AND extremit*[tiab]) OR arm[tiab] OR hand[tiab] OR fingers[tiab] OR wrist[tiab] OR elbow[tiab];; Cochrane Library:: #1 (MeSH descriptor Upper Extremity explode all trees) OR #2 (forearm OR metacarp* OR forelimb OR fore limb OR (upper AND extremit*) OR arm OR hand OR hands OR finger* OR wrist* OR elbow*):ti,ab,kw
Ket JCF and Vries R de
orig. drafted by Ket, 14 Jan 2010; revised by De Vries, 1 Sep 2015. In Cochrane Library put MeSH and free text in two separate sets and combine with OR.
Anatomy; PubMed (PM); Wiley/Cochrane Library (CLib)