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PubMed:: ("Multiple Myeloma"[Mesh] OR "Myeloma Proteins"[Mesh] OR "Plasmacytoma"[Mesh] OR "Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance"[Mesh] OR myeloma*[tiab] OR kahler*[tiab] OR plasmacytoma*[tiab] OR "plasma cytoma"[tiab] OR "plasma cytomas"[tiab] OR plasmocytoma*[tiab] OR (("plasma cell"[tiab] OR "plasma cells"[tiab]) AND (cancer*[tiab] OR tumor[tiab] OR tumors[tiab] OR tumoral[tiab] OR tumour[tiab] OR tumours[tiab] OR tumoural[tiab] OR leukemia*[tiab] OR leukaemia*[tiab] OR neoplas*[tiab])) OR (monoclonal[tiab] AND (gammopath*[tiab] OR gammapath*[tiab] OR immunoglobulinemia*[tiab] OR immunoglobulinaemia*[tiab])) OR mgus[tiab] OR (("plasma cell"[tiab] OR "plasma cells"[tiab]) AND dyscrasia*[tiab]));; 'multiple myeloma'/exp OR 'myeloma'/exp OR 'plasmacytoma'/exp OR 'malignant plasmacytoma'/exp OR 'monoclonal immunoglobulinemia'/exp OR 'plasma cell dyscrasia'/exp OR myeloma*:ab,ti OR kahler*:ab,ti OR plasmacytoma*:ab,ti OR 'plasma cytoma':ab,ti OR 'plasma cytomas':ab,ti OR plasmocytoma*:ab,ti OR ('plasma cell':ab,ti OR 'plasma cells':ab,ti AND (cancer*:ab,ti OR tumor:ab,ti OR tumors:ab,ti OR tumoral:ab,ti OR tumour:ab,ti OR tumours:ab,ti OR tumoural:ab,ti OR leukemia*:ab,ti OR leukaemia*:ab,ti OR neoplas*:ab,ti)) OR (monoclonal:ab,ti AND (gammopath*:ab,ti OR gammapath*:ab,ti OR immunoglobulinemia*:ab,ti OR immunoglobulinaemia*:ab,ti)) OR mgus:ab,ti OR ('plasma cell':ab,ti OR 'plasma cells':ab,ti AND dyscrasia*:ab,ti);; Cochrane Library:: (myeloma* OR kahler* OR plasmacytoma* OR "plasma cytoma" OR "plasma cytomas" OR plasmocytoma* OR (("plasma cell" OR "plasma cells") AND (cancer* OR tumor OR tumors OR tumoral OR tumour OR tumours OR tumoural OR leukemia* OR leukaemia* OR neoplas*)) OR (monoclonal AND (gammopath* OR gammapath* OR immunoglobulinemia* OR immunoglobulinaemia*)) OR MGUS OR (("plasma cell" OR "plasma cells") AND dyscrasia*)):ti,ab,kw
Otten RHJ
Keywords: (EM); Oncology; PubMed (PM); Wiley/Cochrane Library (CLib)