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Neuropathology (adverse effect, incl. electrophysiology)

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PubMed:: "Complex Regional Pain Syndromes"[Mesh] OR "Chronic Pain"[Mesh] OR "Neuralgia"[Mesh:NoExp] OR "Nociceptive Pain"[Mesh:NoExp] OR "Pain, Intractable"[Mesh] OR "Constipation"[Mesh] OR "Urinary Bladder, Neurogenic"[Mesh] OR "Paresthesia"[Mesh] OR "Reflex, Stretch"[Mesh] OR "Extremities"[Mesh] OR "Perception"[Mesh:NoExp] OR "Differential Threshold"[Mesh] OR "Pain Threshold"[Mesh] OR "Touch"[Mesh] OR "Touch Perception"[Mesh] OR "Neural Conduction"[Mesh] OR "Vibration"[Mesh] OR "Electrophysiological Phenomena"[Mesh] OR "Peripheral Nervous System"[Mesh] OR "Electromyography"[Mesh] OR ((peripher*[tiab] OR extremit*[tiab] OR bladder*[tiab]) AND (pain[tiab] OR neuropath*[tiab] OR neurotox*[tiab] OR disabilit*[tiab] OR neurodyn*[tiab] OR nerve pain*[tiab] OR (nervous[tiab] AND (disorder*[tiab] OR disease*[tiab])) OR nociceptive*[tiab] OR somatic[tiab] OR neuralgi*[tiab] OR neurogen*[tiab])) OR constipat*[tiab] OR numbness*[tiab] OR tingling*[tiab] OR paresthesi*[tiab] OR dysesthesi*[tiab] OR formicat*[tiab] OR stretch reflex*[tiab] OR tendon reflex*[tiab] OR knee reflex*[tiab] OR achilles reflex*[tiab] OR complex regional pain syndrome*[tiab] OR cprs[tiab] OR intractable pain*[tiab] OR refractory pain*[tiab] OR (perceptive[tiab] AND threshold*[tiab]) OR sensibilit*[tiab] OR vibrati*[tiab] OR oscillati*[tiab] OR (sensory[tiab] AND nerve*[tiab]) OR tactil*[tiab] OR touch*[tiab] OR tickl*[tiab] OR electrophysiolog*[tiab] OR neural*[tiab] OR neuron*[tiab] OR nerve[tiab] OR nerves[tiab] OR neuroimmunomodulati*[tiab] OR evoked potential*[tiab] OR electromyograph*[tiab];; 'burning feet syndrome'/exp OR 'neuropathic pain'/exp OR 'complex regional pain syndrome'/exp OR 'neuralgia'/de OR 'cancer pain'/exp OR 'chronic pain'/exp OR 'hand pain'/exp OR 'arm pain'/exp OR 'leg pain'/exp OR 'limb pain'/exp OR 'nociceptive pain'/exp OR 'intractable pain'/exp OR 'constipation'/exp OR 'neurogenic bladder'/exp OR 'paresthesia'/de OR 'distal paresthesia'/exp OR 'hand paresthesia'/exp OR 'myotatic reflex'/exp OR 'limb'/exp OR 'perceptive threshold'/exp OR 'sensibility'/exp OR 'sensory nerve conduction'/exp OR 'vibration'/exp OR 'touch'/exp OR (peripher*:ab,ti OR extremit*:ab,ti OR bladder*:ab,ti AND (pain:ab,ti OR neuropath*:ab,ti OR neurotox*:ab,ti OR disabilit*:ab,ti OR neurodyn*:ab,ti OR (nerve NEAR/3 pain*):ab,ti OR (nervous:ab,ti AND (disorder*:ab,ti OR disease*:ab,ti)) OR nociceptive*:ab,ti OR somatic:ab,ti OR neuralgi*:ab,ti OR neurogen*:ab,ti)) OR constipat*:ab,ti OR numbness*:ab,ti OR tingling*:ab,ti OR paresthesi*:ab,ti OR dysesthesi*:ab,ti OR formicat*:ab,ti OR (stretch NEAR/3 reflex*):ab,ti OR (tendon NEAR/3 reflex*):ab,ti OR (knee NEAR/3 reflex*):ab,ti OR (achilles NEAR/3 reflex*):ab,ti OR ('complex regional pain' NEAR/3 syndrome*):ab,ti OR cprs:ab,ti OR (intractable NEAR/3 pain*):ab,ti OR (refractory NEAR/3 pain*):ab,ti OR (perceptive NEAR/3 threshold*):ab,ti OR sensibilit*:ab,ti OR vibrati*:ab,ti OR oscillati*:ab,ti OR (sensory NEAR/3 nerve*):ab,ti OR tactil*:ab,ti OR touch*:ab,ti OR tickl*:ab,ti OR 'electrophysiology'/exp OR 'peripheral nervous system'/exp OR 'autonomic nervous system'/exp OR 'electromyography'/exp OR electrophysiolog*:ab,ti OR neural*:ab,ti OR neuron*:ab,ti OR nerve:ab,ti OR nerves:ab,ti OR neuroimmunomodulati*:ab,ti OR (evoked NEAR/3 potential*):ab,ti OR electromyograph*:ab,ti
drafted for the neuropathological adverse effects of vincristine, 22 Jul 2014; revised 23 Jun 2016.
Adverse or side effects; (EM); PubMed (PM)