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PubMed:: "Pancreaticoduodenectomy"[Mesh] OR "Pancreatectomy"[Mesh] OR Pancreaticoduodenectom*[tiab] OR Pancreatoduodenectom*[tiab] OR Duodenopancreatectom*[tiab] OR whipple[tiab] OR Kausch-Whipple[tiab] OR Traverso-Longmire[tiab] OR PPPD[tiab] OR NPPPD[tiab] OR postpancreatectom*[tiab] OR (("Pancreatic Diseases"[Mesh:NoExp] OR "Pancreatic Cyst"[Mesh] OR "Pancreatic Fistula"[Mesh] OR "Pancreatic Neoplasms"[Mesh] OR Periampular*[tiab] OR Pancreatic*[tiab] OR postpancrea*[tiab] OR Duodenopancrea*[tiab]) AND ("surgery" [Subheading] OR "Surgical Procedures, Operative"[Mesh] OR "Surgeons"[Mesh] OR "Perioperative Period"[Mesh] OR "Perioperative Care"[Mesh] OR surger*[tiab] OR surgical*[tiab] OR surgeon*[tiab] OR operation*[tiab] OR operative*[tiab] OR perioperati*[tiab] OR incisi*[tiab] OR extracti*[tiab] OR excisi*[tiab] OR invasive*[tiab] OR restorati*[tiab]));; 'pancreaticoduodenectomy'/exp OR 'pancreas resection'/exp OR Pancreaticoduodenectom*:ti,ab OR Pancreatoduodenectom*:ti,ab OR Duodenopancreatectom*:ti,ab OR whipple:ti,ab OR Kausch-Whipple:ti,ab OR Traverso-Longmire:ti,ab OR PPPD:ti,ab OR NPPPD:ti,ab OR postpancreatectom*:ti,ab OR (('pancreas disease'/de OR 'pancreas abscess'/exp OR 'pancreas fistula'/exp OR 'pancreas hemorrhage'/exp OR 'pancreas injury'/exp OR 'pancreas necrosis'/exp OR 'pancreas tumor'/exp OR 'pancreas cyst'/exp OR Periampular*:ti,ab OR Pancreatic*:ti,ab OR postpancrea*:ti,ab OR Duodenopancrea*:ti,ab) AND ('surgery'/exp OR 'surgeon'/exp OR 'perioperative period'/exp OR surger*:ti,ab OR surgical*:ti,ab OR surgeon*:ti,ab OR operation*:ti,ab OR operative*:ti,ab OR perioperati*:ti,ab OR incisi*:ti,ab OR extracti*:ti,ab OR excisi*:ti,ab OR invasive*:ti,ab OR restorati*:ti,ab))
Jansma EP
Surgery; PubMed (PM); (EM)