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OVID/Medline:: 1. exp Consumer Participation/ or "Patient Acceptance of Health Care"/ or exp Attitude to Health/ or *exp consumer satisfaction/ or patient preference/ or cooperative behavior/ or exp self efficacy/ or self-efficacy.ti,ab. or exp Adaptation, Psychological/ or exp health education/ or patient education as topic/ or exp attitude to health/ or health knowledge, attitudes, practice/ or *"Quality of Life"/ or "Quality of Life"/px or Personal Autonomy/ or self concept/ or consumer advocacy/ or freedom/ or Needs Assessment/ or Patient Advocacy/ or Self-Help Groups/ or Life Change Events/ or Attitude to Death/ or Patient-Centered Care/ or exp Professional-Patient Relations/ or Self Care/ or focus groups/ or narration/;; 2. (((patient or consumer*) adj3 (participat* or decisi* or decid*)) or patient-focused or (patientcentred or patient-centered) or (patient adj3 (attitude? or preference))).ti,ab. or "patient satisfaction".ti. or coping.ti,ab. or ("self perception" or "self concept").ti,ab. or self-efficacy.ti,ab. or ("informed choice" or "shared decision making").ti,ab. or empowerment.ti,ab. or ("focus group*" adj3 (patient* or parent* or famil* or spouse*)).ti,ab. or (qoL or "quality of life").ti. or self-management.ti. or ((patient* or consumer* or parent* or famil* or spouse*) adj (attitude* or involvement or desir* or perspective* or activation or view* or preference*)).ti,ab. or "expert patient*".ti,ab. or "focus group*".ti,ab. or qualitative.ti.;; 3. (exp Decision Making/ or exp Communication/ or Stress, Psychological/ or Emotions/ or vignette*.ti,ab.) and (exp Patients/px or patient*.ti. or consumer*.ti.);; PubMed:: ((Patient Participation[Mesh] OR consumer participation[Mesh] OR Professional-Patient Relations[Mesh] OR Patient-Centered Care[Mesh] OR Patient Preference[Mesh] OR Patient Satisfaction[Majr] OR Patient Education as Topic[Mesh] OR Attitude to Health[Mesh] OR Attitude to Death[Mesh] OR Patient Acceptance of Health Care[Mesh] OR Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice[Mesh] OR Focus Groups[Mesh] OR Quality of Life[Majr] OR Self Care[mh:noexp] OR Self Concept[Mesh] OR Self-examination[Mesh] OR Cooperative Behavior[Mesh] OR Adaptation, Psychological[Mesh] OR Decision Support Techniques[Mesh] OR Self-Help Groups[Mesh] OR Community Networks[Mesh] OR Emotions[Mesh] OR Consumer Satisfaction[Mesh] OR Needs Assessment[Mesh] OR Personal Autonomy[Mesh] OR Patient Advocacy[Mesh] OR Life Change Events[Mesh]) OR (patient perspective*[tiab] OR patient's perspective*[tiab] OR patient desire*[tiab] OR patient's desire*[tiab] OR "patient's desires"[tiab] OR patient view*[tiab] OR patient's view*[tiab] OR patient expression*[tiab] OR patient's expression*[tiab] OR patient attitude*[tiab] OR patient's attitude*[tiab] OR patient involvement*[tiab] OR patient's involvement*[tiab] OR patient decision*[tiab] OR patient's decision*[tiab] OR patient activation[tiab] OR patient's activation[tiab] OR patients activation[tiab] OR patient empowerment[tiab] OR patient participation[tiab] OR patient's participation[tiab] OR patients participation[tiab] OR patient collaboration[tiab] OR patient's collaboration[tiab] OR patients collaboration[tiab] OR expert patient*[tiab] OR consumer participation[tiab] OR consumer perspective[tiab] OR consumers perspective[tiab] OR consumer's perspective[tiab] OR consumer involvement[tiab] OR patient-focused[tiab] OR patient-centred[tiab] OR patient-centered[tiab] OR patient needs[tiab] OR self-management[ti] OR self-perception[tiab]) OR (Patients[Majr] AND (Communication[MeSH Terms] OR Decision Making[Mesh])));; 'patient participation'/exp OR 'doctor patient relation'/exp OR 'nurse patient relationship'/exp OR 'patient attitude'/exp OR 'attitude to death'/exp OR 'consumer'/exp OR 'patient preference'/exp OR 'patient satisfaction'/exp/mj OR 'patient education'/exp OR 'attitude to health'/exp OR 'quality of life'/exp/mj OR 'self care'/exp OR 'self concept'/exp OR 'self examination'/exp OR 'adaptive behavior'/exp OR 'coping behavior'/exp OR coping:ab,ti OR 'needs assessment'/exp OR 'personal autonomy'/exp OR 'patient advocacy'/exp OR 'life event'/exp OR 'patient centred':ab,ti OR 'patient-centered':ab,ti OR 'patient focused':ab,ti OR 'patient satisfaction':ti OR (patient* NEAR/3 prefer*):ab,ti OR 'focus group':ab,ti OR 'focus groups':ab,ti OR (patient NEAR/3 participat*):ab,ti OR (patient* NEAR/3 involve*):ab,ti OR (patient* NEAR/3 perspective*):ab,ti OR 'patient desire':ab,ti OR 'patient desires':ab,ti OR (patient* NEAR/2 view*):ab,ti OR (patient* NEAR/2 activat*):ab,ti OR (patient* NEAR/3 empower*):ab,ti OR (patient* NEAR/2 attitude*):ab,ti OR (patient* NEAR/2 decision*):ab,ti OR (patient* NEAR/3 collaborat*):ab,ti OR 'expert patient':ab,ti OR 'expert patients':ab,ti OR (patient* NEAR/2 needs):ab,ti OR 'self management':ab,ti OR 'self perception':ab,ti OR ('patient'/exp AND ('interpersonal communication'/exp OR 'decision making'/exp OR 'cooperation'/exp OR 'distress syndrome'/exp OR 'emotional stress'/exp))
Hielkema L, Wessels M, and van der Weijden T
source: Wessels M, Hielkema L, van der Weijden T. How to identify existing literature on patients' knowledge, views, and values: the development of a validated search filter. J Med Libr Assoc. 2016 Oct;104(4):320-324. PubMedID: 27822157; PubMedCID: PubMedC5079497.
Keywords: (EM); OVID-Medline; Patients; PubMed (PM)
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