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Postoperative complications

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PubMed version 1:: ("Postoperative Complications"[Mesh] OR ((implant*[tiab] OR prosthes*[tiab]) AND (loss[tiab] OR losses[tiab] OR failure*[tiab] OR extrusion*[tiab] OR removal*[tiab] OR rotati*[tiab] OR deviati*[tiab] OR luxati*[tiab])) OR ((postoperative[tiab] OR postsurgical*[tiab]) AND (infection[tiab] OR bleeding*[tiab] OR hemorrhag*[tiab] OR haemorrhag*[tiab] OR "Seroma"[Mesh] OR seroma*[tiab] OR "Hemorrhage"[Mesh] OR hematom*[tiab] OR haematom*[tiab] OR complication*[tiab] OR outcome*[tiab])) OR ((skin[tiab] OR wound*[tiab]) AND (necros*[tiab] OR ischaemi*[tiab] OR ischemi*[tiab] OR disrupti*[tiab] OR disunion*[tiab] OR dehiscenc*[tiab])) OR epidermiolys*[tiab]);; PubMed version 2:: "Postoperative Care"[Mesh] OR "Postoperative Complications"[Mesh] OR "Postoperative Period"[Mesh] OR "Recurrence"[Mesh] OR "Patient Discharge"[Mesh] OR "Cicatrix"[Mesh] OR "Tissue Adhesions"[Mesh] OR "Intestinal Obstruction"[Mesh] OR "Infertility"[Mesh] OR "Iatrogenic Disease"[Mesh] OR postoperati*[tiab] OR wound infecti*[tiab] OR swi[tiab] OR swis[tiab] OR ssi[tiab] OR ssis[tiab] OR surgical site infecti*[tiab] OR dehiscen*[tiab] OR leak*[tiab] OR discharg*[tiab] OR fast track*[tiab] OR fasttrack*[tiab] OR scar[tiab] OR scars[tiab] OR scarring[tiab] OR cicatri*[tiab] OR stump*[tiab] OR incision*[tiab] OR adhesion*[tiab] OR intestinal obstruction*[tiab] OR ileus[tiab] OR infertil*[tiab] OR subfertil*[tiab] OR iatrogen*[tiab] OR postoperati*[ot] OR recurren*[ot] OR relaps*[ot] OR recrudescenc*[ot] OR wound infecti*[ot] OR swi[ot] OR swis[ot] OR ssi[ot] OR ssis[ot] OR surgical site infecti*[ot] OR dehiscen*[ot] OR leak*[ot] OR discharg*[ot] OR fast track*[ot] OR fasttrack*[ot] OR scar[ot] OR scars[ot] OR scarring[ot] OR cicatri*[ot] OR stump*[ot] OR incision*[ot] OR adhesion*[ot] OR intestinal obstruction*[ot] OR ileus[ot] OR infertil*[ot] OR subfertil*[ot] OR iatrogen*[ot]
Version 1 drafted for breast implants, 11 Jun 2014; version 2 for appendicitis, 16 Dec 2014.
Adverse or side effects; PubMed (PM); Surgery
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