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Pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH) or pre-eclampsia

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PubMed both:: ("Hypertension, Pregnancy-Induced"[Mesh] OR preeclampsi*[tiab] OR eclampsi*[tiab] OR "pregnancy induced hypertension"[tiab] OR "pregnancy induced hypertensions"[tiab] OR toxemi*[tiab] OR "gestational hypertension"[tiab] OR pih[tiab] OR eph[tiab] OR (gestosis[tiab] AND hypertensi*[tiab]) OR (transient[tiab] AND hypertensi*[tiab] AND pregnan*[tiab]));; PubMed:: "Hypertension, Pregnancy-Induced"[Mesh] OR ((hypertension[Mesh] OR hypertensi*[tiab]) AND (pregnancy[Mesh] OR pregnan*[tiab] OR gestation*[tiab]));; 'maternal hypertension'/exp OR ('hypertension'/exp OR hypertensi*:ab,ti AND ('pregnancy'/exp OR pregnan*:ab,ti OR gestation*:ab,ti);; PubMed pre-eclampsia alone:: "Pre-Eclampsia"[Mesh] OR preeclamp*[tiab] OR pre eclamp*[tiab] OR toxemi*[tiab]
Ket JCF and Otten RHJ
'PsycInfoH or pre-eclampsia' drafted by Ket, 21 Apr 2011; 'PsycInfoH (alone)' drafted by Otten, 17 June 2013; 'Pre-eclampsia (alone)' drafted by Ket, 17 Nov 2010.
Diseases; Gynecology; PubMed (PM); (EM); Obstetrics