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Proteins and (co-)enzymes

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"Proteins"[Mesh] OR "Enzymes and Coenzymes"[Mesh] OR protein[tiab] OR proteins[tiab] OR albumin*[tiab] OR amyloid*[tiab] OR apoprotein*[tiab] OR apoenzyme*[tiab] OR apoferritin*[tiab] OR apolipoprotein*[tiab] OR aprotinin*[tiab] OR ankyrin*[tiab] OR glycoprotein*[tiab] OR fibrins[tiab] OR glycophorin*[tiab] OR hemocyanin*[tiab] OR hemoglobin*[tiab] OR immunoprotein*[tiab] OR globulin*[tiab] OR somatomedin*[tiab] OR spectrin*[tiab] OR vitronectin*[tiab] OR ceruloplasmin*[tiab] OR follistatin*[tiab] OR lipocalin*[tiab] OR neurophysin*[tiab] OR transcobalamin*[tiab] OR transcortin*[tiab] OR kinase*[tiab] OR cyclin*[tiab] OR colipase*[tiab] OR cystatin*[tiab] OR catenin*[tiab] OR dystrophin*[tiab] OR plakin*[tiab] OR plakophilin*[tiab] OR spectrin*[tiab] OR talin[tiab] OR utrophin*[tiab] OR vinculin*[tiab] OR flavoprotein*[tiab] OR lactoglobulin*[tiab] OR thyroglobulin*[tiab] OR glycoprotein*[tiab] OR activin*[tiab] OR asialoglycoprotein*[tiab] OR avidin[tiab] OR clusterin*[tiab] OR hemopexin*[tiab] OR inhibin*[tiab] OR lactoferrin*[tiab] OR mucoprotein*[tiab] OR osteonectin*[tiab] OR proteoglycan*[tiab] OR sialoglycoprotein*[tiab] OR thrombopoietin*[tiab] OR thyroglobulin*[tiab] OR transcortin*[tiab] OR uteroglobin*[tiab] OR vitronectin*[tiab] OR chaperonin*[tiab] OR hemeprotein*[tiab] OR cytochrome*[tiab] OR hemocyanin*[tiab] OR hemoglobin*[tiab] OR leghemoglobin*[tiab] OR methemalbumin*[tiab] OR metmyoglobin*[tiab] OR myoglobin*[tiab] OR tristetraprolin*[tiab] OR vitellogenin*[tiab] OR adipokine*[tiab] OR cytokine*[tiab] OR endothelin*[tiab] OR ephrin*[tiab] OR interferon*[tiab] OR kinin*[tiab] OR semaphorin*[tiab] OR somatomedin*[tiab] OR cyclin*[tiab] OR cyclase*[tiab] OR phospholipase*[tiab] phosphohydrolase*[tiab] OR iodoprotein*[tiab] OR thyroglobulin*[tiab] OR lectin*[tiab] OR calnexin*[tiab] OR calreticulin*[tiab] OR galectin*[tiab] OR selectin*[tiab] OR lipoprotein*[tiab] OR chylomicron*[tiab] OR lithostathin*[tiab] OR aequorin*[tiab] OR luciferase*[tiab] OR ankyrin*[tiab] OR arrestin*[tiab] OR calnexin*[tiab] OR chemokine*[tiab] OR dystrophin*[tiab] OR ephrin*[tiab] OR metalloprotein*[tiab] OR neurofibromin*[tiab] OR presenilin*[tiab] OR protoporphyrinogen*[tiab] OR spectrin*[tiab] OR utrophin*[tiab] OR azurin*[tiab] OR ceruloplasmin*[tiab] OR hemosiderin*[tiab] OR metallothionein*[tiab] OR plastocyanin*[tiab] OR crystallin*[tiab] OR chaperonin*[tiab] OR clusterin*[tiab] OR agrin*[tiab] OR chromogranin*[tiab] OR phosphoprotein*[tiab] OR neurogranin*[tiab] OR neuropeptide*[tiab] OR synapsin*[tiab] OR synaptophysin*[tiab] OR synuclein*[tiab] OR tubulin*[tiab] OR histone*[tiab] OR karyopherin*[tiab] OR protamine*[tiab] OR nucleoprotein*[tiab] OR chromatin*[tiab] OR deoxyribonucleoprotein*[tiab] OR histone*[tiab] OR protamine*[tiab] OR peptone*[tiab] OR casein*[tiab] OR caveolin*[tiab] OR cortactin*[tiab] OR interferon*[tiab] OR paxillin*[tiab] OR phosvitin*[tiab] OR plectin*[tiab] OR stathmin*[tiab] OR vitellogenin*[tiab] OR ferredoxin*[tiab] OR gluten*[tiab] OR phycocyanin*[tiab] OR phycoerythrin*[tiab] OR phytochrome*[tiab] OR lectin*[tiab] OR plastocyanin*[tiab] OR zein[tiab] OR polyprotein*[tiab] OR gonadotropin*[tiab] OR macroglobulin*[tiab] OR prion*[tiab] OR isoenzyme*[tiab] OR angiotensinogen*[tiab] OR chromogranin*[tiab] OR fibrinogen*[tiab] OR kininogen*[tiab] OR opiomelanocortin*[tiab] OR procollagen*[tiab] OR proglucagon*[tiab] OR proinsulin*[tiab] OR tropoelastin*[tiab] OR elafin*[tiab] OR peptidase*[tiab] OR proteolipid*[tiab] OR proteome*[tiab] OR immunophilin*[tiab] OR peptide[tiab] OR peptides[tiab] OR lipocalin*[tiab] OR scleroprotein*[tiab] OR gelatin*[tiab] OR keratin*[tiab] OR reticulin*[tiab] OR selenoprotein*[tiab] OR serpin*[tiab] OR antichymotrypsin*[tiab] antitrypsin*[tiab] OR antiplasmin*[tiab] antithrombin*[tiab] OR ovalbumin*[tiab] OR silk[tiab] OR fibroin*[tiab] OR sericin*[tiab] OR thioredoxin*[tiab] OR thymosin*[tiab] OR catenin*[tiab] OR tristetraprolin*[tiab] OR ubiquitin*[tiab] OR enzyme*[tiab] OR coenzyme*[tiab] OR biopterin*[tiab] OR biotin*[tiab] OR cobamide*[tiab] OR flavin*[tiab] OR nad[tiab] OR nadp[tiab] OR (pyridoxal[tiab] AND phosphate*[tiab]) OR tetrahydrofolate*[tiab] OR (thiamine[tiab] AND pyrophosphate*[tiab]) OR (thioctic[tiab] AND acid*[tiab]) OR ubiquinone*[tiab] OR cytochrome*[tiab] OR chymotrypsinogen*[tiab] OR (complement[tiab] AND factor[tiab]) OR pepsinogen*[tiab] OR plasminogen*[tiab] OR prothrombin*[tiab] OR trypsinogen*[tiab] OR lyase*[tiab] OR glycosylase*[tiab] OR ligase*[tiab] OR kinase*[tiab] OR methylase*[tiab] OR holoenzyme*[tiab] OR apoenzyme*[tiab] OR hydrolase*[tiab] OR adenosylhomocysteinase*[tiab] OR amidohydrolase*[tiab] OR esterase*[tiab] OR pancreatin*[tiab] OR ureohydrolase*[tiab] OR isoenzyme*[tiab] OR isomerase*[tiab] OR helicase*[tiab] OR topoisomerase*[tiab] OR oxidoreductase*[tiab] OR transferase*[tiab] OR racemase*[tiab] OR epimerase*[tiab] OR ferrochelatase*[tiab] OR multienzyme*[tiab] OR anthranilate*[tiab] OR aspartate*[tiab] OR aspartokinase*[tiab] OR synthase*[tiab] OR reductase*[tiab] OR oxidoreductase*[tiab] OR ceruloplasmin*[tiab] OR hydrogenase*[tiab] OR laccase*[tiab] OR luciferase*[tiab] OR nitrogenase*[tiab] OR nitroreductase*[tiab] OR oxygenase*[tiab] OR peroxidase*[tiab] OR selenoprotein*[tiab] OR recombinase*[tiab] OR resolvase*[tiab] OR integrase*[tiab] OR ribonuclease*[tiab] OR acyltransferase*[tiab] OR glycosyltransferase*[tiab] OR phosphotransferase*[tiab]
orig. drafted 25 Sep 2008.
Physiology; PubMed (PM)