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Qualitative research

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PubMed:: "Qualitative Research"[Mesh] OR "Focus Groups"[Mesh] OR "Interview" [Publication Type] OR "Interviews as Topic"[Mesh] OR "Narration"[Mesh] OR "Personal Narratives as Topic"[Mesh] OR "Grounded Theory"[Mesh] OR "Observational Studies as Topic"[Mesh] OR "Observational Study" [Publication Type] OR "Tape Recording"[Mesh] OR thematic analys*[tiab] OR content analys*[tiab] OR focus group*[tiab] OR ethnograph*[tiab] OR ethnograf*[tiab] OR etnograf*[tiab] OR field stud*[tiab] OR phenomenolog*[tiab] OR narration*[tiab] OR narrative[tiab] OR qualitative stud*[tiab] OR qualitative analys*[tiab] OR qualitative research*[tiab] OR qualitative method*[tiab] OR multimethodolog*[tiab] OR mixed method*[tiab] OR observation*[tiab] OR grounded theory[tiab] OR audio recording*[tiab] OR tape recording*[tiab] OR audiotape*[tiab] OR ((semi-structured[tiab] OR semistructured[tiab] OR unstructured[tiab] OR informal[tiab] OR in-depth[tiab] OR indepth[tiab] OR face-to-face[tiab] OR structured[tiab] OR guide*[tiab]) AND (interview*[tiab] OR discussion*[tiab] OR questionnaire*[tiab]));; 'qualitative research'/exp OR 'interview'/exp OR 'narrative'/exp OR 'storytelling'/exp OR 'grounded theory'/exp OR 'observational study'/exp OR 'recording'/exp OR 'thematic analysis'/exp OR 'content analysis'/exp OR 'ethnographic research'/exp OR 'field study'/exp OR 'participant observation'/exp OR 'phenomenology'/exp OR 'qualitative analysis'/exp OR 'qualitative methods'/exp OR 'in depth interview'/exp OR 'face to face interview'/exp OR 'thematic analys*':ab,ti,kw OR 'content analys*':ab,ti,kw OR 'focus group*':ab,ti,kw OR ethnograph*:ab,ti,kw OR ethnograf*:ab,ti,kw OR etnograf*:ab,ti,kw OR 'field stud*':ab,ti,kw OR phenomenolog*:ab,ti,kw OR narration*:ab,ti,kw OR narrative:ab,ti,kw OR 'qualitative stud*':ab,ti,kw OR 'qualitative analys*':ab,ti,kw OR 'qualitative research*':ab,ti,kw OR 'qualitative method*':ab,ti,kw OR multimethodolog*:ab,ti,kw OR 'mixed method*':ab,ti,kw OR observation*:ab,ti,kw OR 'grounded theory':ab,ti,kw OR 'audio recording*':ab,ti,kw OR 'tape recording*':ab,ti,kw OR audiotape*:ab,ti,kw OR (('semi-structured':ab,ti,kw OR semistructured:ab,ti,kw OR unstructured:ab,ti,kw OR informal:ab,ti,kw OR 'in-depth':ab,ti,kw OR indepth:ab,ti,kw OR 'face-to-face':ab,ti,kw OR structured:ab,ti,kw OR guide*:ab,ti,kw) AND (interview*:ab,ti,kw OR discussion*:ab,ti,kw OR questionnaire*:ab,ti,kw))
Schoonmade LJ
Keywords: (EM); PubMed (PM); Study types; methodology
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