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Robot-assisted gait training

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PubMed:: (("Robotics"[Mesh] OR "Bionics"[Mesh] OR robot*[tiab] OR bioelectronic*[tiab] OR bionic*[tiab] OR remote operation*[tiab] OR telerobot*[tiab] OR automat*[tiab] OR electromechanical*[tiab] OR electro mechanical*[tiab] OR mechani*[tiab] OR pneumatic*[tiab] OR robot*[ot] OR bioelectronic*[ot] OR bionic*[ot] OR remote operation*[ot] OR telerobot*[ot] OR automat*[ot] OR electromechanical*[ot] OR electro mechanical*[ot] OR mechani*[ot] OR pneumatic*[ot]) AND ("Early Ambulation"[Mesh] OR "Gait"[Mesh] OR "Walking"[Mesh] OR gait[tiab] OR gaits[tiab] OR walking[tiab] OR walk[tiab] OR ambulati*[tiab] OR gait[ot] OR gaits[ot] OR walking[ot] OR walk[ot] OR ambulati*[ot])) OR lokohelp[tiab] OR gait trainer*[tiab] OR gt1[tiab] OR gt2[tiab] OR "haptic walker"[tiab] OR "haptic walkers"[tiab] OR kinetron*[tiab] OR anklebot*[tiab] OR "auto ambulator"[tiab] OR "reo ambulator"[tiab] OR "reoambulator"[tiab] OR "auto ambulators"[tiab] OR lokomat*[tiab] OR locomat*[tiab] OR lopes[tiab] OR alex[tiab] OR "g eo"[tiab] OR gaitmaster*[tiab] OR end effector*[tiab] OR exoskeleton*[tiab] OR ragt*[tiab] OR (robot*[tiab] AND (mediated[tiab] OR assisted[tiab] OR aided[tiab]) AND therap*[tiab]) OR pogo[tiab] OR pogos[tiab] OR (pelvic[tiab] AND manipulator*[tiab]) OR lokohelp[ot] OR gait trainer*[ot] OR gt1[ot] OR gt2[ot] OR "haptic walker"[ot] OR "haptic walkers"[ot] OR kinetron*[ot] OR anklebot*[ot] OR "auto ambulator"[ot] OR "reo ambulator"[ot] OR "reoambulator"[ot] OR "auto ambulators"[ot] OR lokomat*[ot] OR locomat*[ot] OR lopes[ot] OR alex[ot] OR "g eo"[ot] OR gaitmaster*[ot] OR end effector*[ot] OR exoskeleton*[ot] OR ragt*[ot] OR (robot*[ot] AND (mediated[ot] OR assisted[ot] OR aided[ot]) AND therap*[ot]) OR pogo[ot] OR pogos[ot] OR (pelvic[ot] AND manipulator*[ot]) OR (("Robotics"[Mesh] OR robot*[tiab] OR robot*[ot]) AND ("Rehabilitation"[Mesh:NoExp] OR "rehabilitation"[Subheading] OR rehabilitat*[tiab] OR rehabilitat*[ot]));; (('robotic exoskeleton'/exp OR 'robotics'/exp OR 'bionics'/exp OR robot*:ab,ti OR bioelectronic*:ab,ti OR bionic*:ab,ti OR (remote NEAR/3 operation*):ab,ti OR telerobot*:ab,ti OR automat*:ab,ti OR electromechanical*:ab,ti OR (electro NEXT/1 mechanical*):ab,ti OR mechani*:ab,ti OR pneumatic*:ab,ti) AND ('mobilization'/exp OR 'walking'/exp OR gait:ab,ti OR gaits:ab,ti OR walking:ab,ti OR walk:ab,ti OR ambulati*:ab,ti)) OR lokohelp:ab,ti OR (gait NEAR/3 trainer*):ab,ti OR gt1:ab,ti OR gt2:ab,ti OR "haptic walker":ab,ti OR "haptic walkers":ab,ti OR kinetron*:ab,ti OR anklebot*:ab,ti OR "auto ambulator":ab,ti OR "reo ambulator":ab,ti OR reoambulator:ab,ti OR "auto ambulators":ab,ti OR lokomat*:ab,ti OR locomat*:ab,ti OR lopes:ab,ti OR alex:ab,ti OR "g eo":ab,ti OR gaitmaster*:ab,ti OR (end NEXT/1 effector*):ab,ti OR exoskeleton*:ab,ti OR ragt*:ab,ti OR (robot*:ab,ti AND (mediated:ab,ti OR assisted:ab,ti OR aided:ab,ti) AND therap*:ab,ti) OR pogo:ab,ti OR pogos:ab,ti OR (pelvic:ab,ti AND manipulator*:ab,ti) OR (('robotic exoskeleton'/exp OR 'robotics'/exp OR robot*:ab,ti) AND ('rehabilitation'/de OR 'functional training'/exp OR rehabilitat*:ab,ti));; Cochrane Library:: ((robot* or bioelectronic* or bionic* or (remote and operation*) or telerobot* or automat* or electromechanical* or mechani* or pneumatic*) and (gait or gaits or walking or walk or ambulati*)) or lokohelp or "gait trainer" or "gait trainers" or gt1 or gt2 or "haptic walker" or "haptic walkers" or kinetron* or anklebot* or "auto ambulator" or "reo ambulator" or reoambulator or "auto ambulators" or lokomat* or locomat* or lopes or alex or "g eo" or gaitmaster* or "end effector" or "end effectors" or exoskeleton* or ragt* or (robot* and (mediated or assisted or aided) and therap*) or pogo or pogos or (pelvic and manipulator*) or (robot* and rehabilitat*):ti,ab,kw
used in combination with stroke.
Keywords: (EM); PubMed (PM); Wiley/Cochrane Library (CLib); Physical therapy