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Sleep or sleep disorders

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PubMed limited:: "Sleep"[Mesh] OR "Sleep Wake Disorders"[Mesh] OR sleep*[tiab];; PubMed-extended:: sleep*[tiab] OR insomnia[tiab] OR fatigue[tiab] OR circadian rhythm[tiab];; PubMed variation:: "Sleep"[Mesh] OR "Sleep Wake Disorders"[Mesh] OR sleep*[tiab] OR insomnia*[tiab] OR hyposomn*[tiab] OR hypersomn*[tiab] OR narcolep*[tiab] OR restless legs syndrome*[tiab] OR nightmare disorder*[tiab] OR dyssomnia*[tiab] OR parasomnia*[tiab];; 'sleep'/exp/mj OR 'sleep disorder'/exp/mj OR sleep*:ab,ti,kw OR insomnia*:ab,ti,kw OR hyposomnia:ab,ti,kw OR hypersomn*:ab,ti,kw OR narcolep*:ab,ti,kw OR 'restless legs syndrome*':ab,ti,kw OR 'nightmare disorder*':ab,ti,kw OR dyssomnia*:ab,ti,kw OR parasomnia*:ab,ti,kw;; Cochrane Library:: #1: MeSH descriptor: [Sleep] explode all trees #2: MeSH descriptor: [Sleep Wake Disorders] explode all trees #3: ((sleep* OR insomnia* OR hyposomn* OR hypersomn* OR narcolep* OR (restless NEXT legs NEXT syndrome*) OR (nightmare NEXT disorder*) OR dyssomnia* OR parasomnia*)):ti,ab #4: #1 OR #2 OR #3
Ket JCF, Mol M, and Vries R de
PM extended by De Vries, 8 Apr 2015. PM limited by Ket, 27 May 2015. PM variation, EM and CLib by Mol, 6+12 Nov 2019
Diseases; (EM); PubMed (PM); Wiley/Cochrane Library (CLib)