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PubMed:: "Social Media"[Mesh] OR "Blogging"[Mesh] OR "Webcasts as Topic"[Mesh] OR "social media"[tiab] OR "web 2.0"[tiab] OR "medicine 2.0"[tiab] OR "health 2.0"[tiab] OR blog*[tiab] OR webcast*[tiab] OR "streaming video"[tiab] OR "video streaming" OR podcast*[tiab] OR rss[tiab] OR "really simple syndication"[tiab] OR facebook[tiab] OR "face book"[tiab] OR "web log"[tiab] OR youtube[tiab] OR twitter[tiab] OR "social web"[tiab] OR "social network"[tiab] OR "social networking"[tiab] OR "web2"[tiab] OR "social software"[tiab] OR "social medium"[tiab] OR crowdsourcing[tiab] OR gaming[tiab] OR "instant messaging"[tiab] OR microblogging[tiab] OR screencast*[tiab] OR "video-sharing"[tiab] OR "virtual world"[tiab] OR "virtual worlds"[tiab] OR vodcast*[tiab] OR videocas*[tiab] OR wiki*[tiab] OR widget*[tiab] OR "push technology"[tiab] OR "e-learning"[tiab] OR mediawiki[tiab] OR citeulike[tiab] OR connotea[tiab] OR cyworld[tiab] OR dropbox[tiab] OR flickr[tiab] OR friendster[tiab] OR igoogle[tiab] OR instagram[tiab] OR linkedin[tiab] OR mendeley[tiab] OR myspace[tiab] OR netvibes[tiab] OR pageflakes[tiab] OR picasa[tiab] OR pinterest[tiab] OR reddit[tiab] OR slideshare[tiab] OR "second life"[tiab] OR tumblr[tiab] OR vimeo[tiab] OR wordpress[tiab] OR zotero[tiab] OR bebo[tiab] OR caringbridge[tiab] OR carepages[tiab] OR cyworld[tiab] OR dailystrength[tiab] OR myfamilyhealth[tiab] OR biomedexperts[tiab] OR researchgate[tiab] OR imedexchange[tiab] OR[tiab] OR "experience project"[tiab] OR habbo[tiab] OR hi5[tiab] OR hyves[tiab] OR livejournal[tiab] OR orkut[tiab] OR patientslikeme[tiab] OR plaxo[tiab] OR renren[tiab] OR sciencestage[tiab] OR studivz[tiab] OR doximity[tiab];; 'social media'/exp OR 'webcast'/exp OR ("social media" OR "social medias" OR "web 2.0" OR "medicine 2.0" OR "health 2.0" OR blog* OR webcast* OR "streaming video" OR "video streaming" OR podcast* OR rss OR "really simple syndication" OR facebook OR "face book" OR "web log" OR youtube OR twitter OR "you tube" OR "social web" OR "social network" OR "social networking" OR "web2" OR "social software" OR "social medium" OR crowdsourcing OR gaming OR "instant messaging" OR microblogging OR screencast* OR "social bookmark" OR "social bookmarks" OR "social bibliography" OR "social document" OR "social documents" OR "photograph-sharing" OR "presentation-sharing" OR "video-sharing" OR "virtual world" OR "virtual worlds" OR vodcast* OR videocas* OR wiki* OR widget* OR "push technology" OR "e-learning" OR mediawiki OR citeulike OR connotea OR cyworld OR dropbox OR flickr OR friendster OR gowalla OR igoogle OR instagram OR linkedin OR mendeley OR myspace OR netvibes OR pageflakes OR picasa OR pinterest OR reddit OR slideshare OR "second life" OR tumblr OR vimeo OR wordpress OR zotero OR "" OR bebo OR caringbridge OR carepages OR cyworld OR dailystrength OR myfamilyhealth OR biomedexperts OR researchgate OR imedexchange OR "" OR "experience project" OR habbo OR hi5 OR hyves OR livejournal OR orkut OR patientslikeme OR plaxo OR renren OR sciencestage OR studivz OR doximity OR "google plus"):ti,ab
Fowler S and Ket JCF
summary of discussion on Expertsearching-mailinglist. Minor adaptation by Ket: addition of ti/ab-tags where missing.
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