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PubMed I:: "Sports"[Mesh] OR "Athletic Injuries"[Mesh] OR sport[tiab] OR sports[tiab] OR athletic*[tiab] OR soccer*[tiab] OR ice hockey*[tiab] OR football*[tiab] OR basketball*[tiab] OR basket ball*[tiab] OR baseball*[tiab];; PubMed II:: "Sports"[Mesh] OR "Athletic Injuries"[Mesh] OR "Athletes"[Mesh] OR sport[tiab] OR sports[tiab] OR sporting[tiab] OR athlet*[tiab] OR football*[tiab] OR soccer[tiab] OR icehockey[tiab] OR basketball*[tiab] OR basket ball*[tiab] OR baseball*[tiab] OR gymnast*[tiab] OR boxer[tiab] OR boxers[tiab] OR boxing[tiab] OR cyclist*[tiab] OR cycle[tiab] OR cycles[tiab] OR cycling[tiab] OR bicycl*[tiab] OR judo*[tiab] OR runner*[tiab] OR running[tiab] OR triathlon[tiab] OR walk[tiab] OR walking[tiab] OR swim*[tiab] OR skating[tiab] OR skate*[tiab] OR skier*[tiab] OR skiing[tiab] OR triathlet*[tiab] OR wrestl*[tiab] OR hockey[tiab] OR rugby[tiab] OR softball*[tiab] OR squash*[tiab] OR volleyball*[tiab] OR water polo*[tiab] OR kickbox*[tiab] OR martial art*[tiab] OR aikido[tiab] OR jiu jitsu[tiab] OR karate*[tiab] OR kung fu[tiab] OR qigong[tiab] OR taekwondo[tiab] OR tai chi[tiab] OR jogging[tiab] OR jogger*[tiab];; 'sports and sport related phenomena'/de OR 'sport'/exp OR 'sport injury'/exp OR 'sporting event'/exp OR 'sports medicine'/exp OR 'athlete'/exp OR sport:ti,ab,kw OR sports:ti,ab,kw OR sporting:ti,ab,kw OR athlet*:ti,ab,kw OR football*:ti,ab,kw OR soccer:ti,ab,kw OR icehockey:ti,ab,kw OR basketball*:ti,ab,kw OR 'basket ball*':ti,ab,kw OR baseball*:ti,ab,kw OR gymnast*:ti,ab,kw OR boxer:ti,ab,kw OR boxers:ti,ab,kw OR boxing:ti,ab,kw OR cyclist*:ti,ab,kw OR cycle:ti,ab,kw OR cycles:ti,ab,kw OR cycling:ti,ab,kw OR bicycl*:ti,ab,kw OR judo*:ti,ab,kw OR runner*:ti,ab,kw OR running:ti,ab,kw OR triathlon:ti,ab,kw OR walk:ti,ab,kw OR walking:ti,ab,kw OR swim*:ti,ab,kw OR skating:ti,ab,kw OR skate*:ti,ab,kw OR skier*:ti,ab,kw OR skiing:ti,ab,kw OR triathlet*:ti,ab,kw OR wrestl*:ti,ab,kw OR hockey:ti,ab,kw OR rugby:ti,ab,kw OR softball*:ti,ab,kw OR squash*:ti,ab,kw OR volleyball*:ti,ab,kw OR 'water polo*':ti,ab,kw OR kickbox*:ti,ab,kw OR 'martial art*':ti,ab,kw OR aikido:ti,ab,kw OR 'jiu jitsu':ti,ab,kw OR karate*:ti,ab,kw OR 'kung fu':ti,ab,kw OR qigong:ti,ab,kw OR taekwondo:ti,ab,kw OR 'tai chi':ti,ab,kw OR jogging:ti,ab,kw OR jogger*:ti,ab,kw
PM II and EM drafted to combine with contusion, concussion or traumatic brain injury, therefore contact sports or sports with fall risks were chosen.
Keywords: (EM); Life style; PubMed (PM)