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Transgender persons

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PubMed:: "Sexual and Gender Disorders"[Mesh] OR "Gender Dysphoria"[Mesh] OR "Health Services for Transgender Persons"[Mesh] OR "Transgender Persons"[Mesh] OR "Transsexualism"[Mesh] OR "Sex Reassignment Procedures"[Mesh] OR gender disorder*[tiab] OR gender identity disorder*[tiab] OR gender dysphor*[tiab] OR sexual dysphor*[tiab] OR transgender*[tiab] OR transsex*[tiab] OR trans-gender*[tiab] OR trans-sex*[tiab] OR sex reassignment*[tiab] OR sex change*[tiab] OR gender reassignment*[tiab] OR gender change*[tiab] OR intersex*[tiab];; 'transgenderism'/exp OR 'transsexuality'/exp OR transgen*:ab,ti OR transsex*:ab,ti
Vries R de
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Keywords: (EM); Plastic surgery; PubMed (PM)
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