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Arteriovenous fistula

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PubMed:: "Vascular Fistula"[Majr] OR vascular fistula*[ti] OR arterio arterial fistula*[ti] OR arteriovenous fistula*[ti] OR arteriovenous aneurysm*[ti] OR a v fistula*[ti] OR av fistula*[ti] OR cirsoid*[ti] OR arteriovenous shunt*[ti] OR arteriovenous anastomo*[ti];; 'arteriovenous fistula'/mj OR 'blood vessel fistula'/mj OR (((vascular* OR arteriovenous* OR 'arterio arterial') NEAR/3 fistula*):ti) OR (((arteriovenous*OR 'arterio arterial') NEAR/3 aneurysm*):ti) OR ((('a v' OR av) NEXT/1 fistula*):ti) OR cirsoid*:ti OR ((arteriovenous* NEAR/3 shunt*):ti) OR ((arteriovenous* NEAR/3 anastomo*):ti);; Web of Science:: TOPIC:(((vascular* OR arteriovenous* OR “arterio arterial”) NEAR/3 fistula*) OR ((arteriovenous* OR “arterio arterial”) NEAR/3 aneurysm*) OR ((“a v” OR av) NEAR/1 fistula*) OR cirsoid* OR (arteriovenous* NEAR/3 shunt*) OR (arteriovenous* NEAR/3 anastomo*))
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