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Herniorraphy or hernioplasty

Search Blocks: 'hernioplasty'/exp OR ‘herniorraphy’/exp OR (hernioplast* OR herniaplast* OR repair* OR herniorraph*):ti,ab,kw OR ('surgery'/exp OR 'surgeon'/exp OR surger*:ti,ab,kw OR surgical*:ti,ab,kw OR surgeon*:ti,ab,kw OR operation*:ti,ab,kw OR operative*:ti,ab,kw OR incisi*:ti,ab,kw OR extracti*:ti,ab,kw OR excisi*:ti,ab,kw OR invasive*:ti,ab,kw OR restorati*:ti,ab,kw OR laparoscop*:ti,ab,kw OR sutur*:ti,ab,kw OR reconstruct*:ti,ab,kw) ;; PubMed:: "Herniorrhaphy"[Mesh] OR hernioplast*[tiab] OR herniaplast*[tiab] OR repair*[tiab] OR herniorraph*[tiab] OR "surgery" [Subheading] OR "Surgical Procedures, Operative"[Mesh] OR "Surgeons"[Mesh] OR surger*[tiab] OR surgical*[tiab] OR surgeon*[tiab] OR operation*[tiab] OR operative*[tiab] OR incisi*[tiab] OR extracti*[tiab] OR excisi*[tiab] OR invasive*[tiab] OR restorati*[tiab] OR laparoscop*[tiab] OR sutur*[tiab] OR reconstruct*[tiab];; Cochrane Library:: (hernioplast* OR herniaplast* OR repair* OR herniorraph* OR surger* OR surgical* OR surgeon* OR operation* OR operative* OR incisi* OR extracti* OR excisi* OR invasive* OR restorati* OR laparoscop* OR sutur* OR reconstruct*):ti,ab,kw
Drafted by Ket, 29 May 2019 and published in: Blonk L, Civil YA, Kaufmann R, Ket JCF, van der Velde S. A systematic review on surgical treatment of primary epigastric hernias. Hernia. 2019 Aug 17. doi: 10.1007/s10029-019-02017-4. PMID: 31422492.
Keywords: (EM); PubMed (PM); Surgery; Wiley/Cochrane Library (CLib)
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