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Bladder cancer

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PubMed:: "Urinary Bladder Neoplasms"[Mesh] OR (("Urinary Bladder"[Mesh] OR "Urinary Bladder Diseases"[Mesh] OR "Urothelium"[Mesh] OR urotheli*[tiab] OR bladder*[tiab]) AND cancer[sb]);; Embase:: 'bladder tumor'/exp OR (('bladder'/exp OR 'urothelium'/exp OR 'bladder disease'/exp OR urotheli*:ti,ab,kw OR bladder*:ti,ab,kw) AND ('neoplasm'/exp OR adenoma*:ti,ab,kw OR anticarcinogen*:ti,ab,kw OR blastoma*:ti,ab,kw OR cancer*:ti,ab,kw OR carcinogen*:ti,ab,kw OR carcinom*:ti,ab,kw OR carcinosarcoma*:ti,ab,kw OR chordoma*:ti,ab,kw OR germinoma*:ti,ab,kw OR gonadoblastoma*:ti,ab,kw OR hepatoblastoma*:ti,ab,kw OR ((hodgkin* NEXT/1 disease):ti,ab,kw) OR leukemi*:ti,ab,kw OR lymphangioma*:ti,ab,kw OR lymphangiomyoma*:ti,ab,kw OR lymphangiosarcoma*:ti,ab,kw OR lymphom*:ti,ab,kw OR malignan*:ti,ab,kw OR melanom*:ti,ab,kw OR meningioma*:ti,ab,kw OR mesenchymoma*:ti,ab,kw OR mesonephroma*:ti,ab,kw OR metasta*:ti,ab,kw OR neoplas*:ti,ab,kw OR neuroma*:ti,ab,kw OR nsclc:ti,ab,kw OR oncogen*:ti,ab,kw OR oncolog*:ti,ab,kw OR paraneoplastic:ti,ab,kw OR plasmacytoma*:ti,ab,kw OR precancerous:ti,ab,kw OR sarcoma*:ti,ab,kw OR teratocarcinoma*:ti,ab,kw OR teratoma*:ti,ab,kw OR tumor*:ti,ab,kw OR tumour*:ti,ab,kw));; Cochrane Library:: ((urotheli* OR bladder*) AND (adenoma* OR anticarcinogen* OR blastoma* OR cancer* OR carcinogen* OR carcinom* OR carcinosarcoma* OR chordoma* OR germinoma* OR gonadoblastoma* OR hepatoblastoma* OR leukemi* OR lymphangioma* OR lymphangiomyoma* OR lymphangiosarcoma* OR lymphom* OR malignan* OR melanom* OR meningioma* OR mesenchymoma* OR mesonephroma* OR metasta* OR neoplas* OR neuroma* OR nsclc OR oncogen* OR oncolog* OR paraneoplastic OR plasmacytoma* OR precancerous OR sarcoma* OR teratocarcinoma* OR teratoma* OR tumor* OR tumour*)):ti,ab,kw
Keywords: (EM); Oncology; PubMed (PM); Wiley/Cochrane Library (CLib)