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Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) (SARS MERS SARI)

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PubMed COVID-19:: ("COVID-19"[Supplementary Concept] OR "severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2"[Supplementary Concept] OR (("Coronavirus"[MeSH Terms] OR "Coronavirus Infections"[Mesh:NoExp] OR pneumonia virus*[tiab] OR cov[tiab]) AND (outbreak[tiab] OR wuhan[tiab] OR novel[all] OR 19[tiab] OR 2019[tiab] OR epidem*[tiab] OR epidemy[all] OR epidemic*[all] OR pandem*[all] OR new[tiab])) OR coronavirus*[tiab] OR corona virus*[tiab] OR ncov[tiab] OR 2019ncov[tiab] OR covid19[tiab] OR "covid 19"[tiab] OR "sars cov 2"[tiab] OR sars2[tiab] OR "ncov 2019"[tiab] OR "sars coronavirus 2"[tiab] OR "sars corona virus 2"[tiab] OR "severe acute respiratory syndrome cov 2"[tiab] OR "severe acute respiratory syndrome cov2"[tiab] OR severe acute respiratory syndrome cov*[tiab] OR cov2[tiab]) AND ("2019/12"[Date - Entrez] : "3000"[Date - Entrez]) ;; Embase COVID-19:: ((coronavirus*:ti,ab,kw OR 'corona virus*':ti,ab,kw OR 'pneumonia virus*':ti,ab,kw OR cov:ti,ab,kw OR ncov:ti,ab,kw) AND (outbreak:ti,ab,kw OR wuhan:ti,ab,kw)) OR covid19:ti,ab,kw OR 'covid 19':ti,ab,kw OR ((coronavirus*:ti,ab,kw OR 'corona virus*':ti,ab,kw) AND 2019:ti,ab,kw) OR ('sars cov 2':ti,ab,kw OR sars2:ti,ab,kw OR 'coronavirus*':ti,ab,kw OR 'corona virus*':ti,ab,kw OR 'ncov 2019':ti,ab,kw OR ncov:ti,ab,kw OR 'sars coronavirus 2':ti,ab,kw OR 'sars corona virus 2':ti,ab,kw OR 'severe acute respiratory syndrome cov 2':ti,ab,kw OR 'severe acute respiratory syndrome cov2':ti,ab,kw) AND [2019-2020]/py;; Google Scholar:: covid19|”covid 19”|2019ncov|"2019 ncov|cov|coronavirus"| "2019 novel|new coronavirus|cov"| "wuhan coronavirus|cov|ncov|outbreak"| "wuhan*coronavirus|cov|ncov|outbreak"| "wuhan**coronavirus|cov|ncov|outbreak"|"coronavirus|cov|ncov*wuhan";; PubMed Protective Clothing:: ("Protective Clothing"[Mh] OR gown*[tw] OR coverall*[tw] OR "protective layer"[tw] OR "protective layers"[tw] OR "surgical toga"[tw] OR apron*[tw] OR "smock"[tw] OR "smocks"[tw] OR "hazmat suit"[tw] OR (hazmat[tw] AND suit[tw]) OR "Gloves, Protective"[Mh] OR "glove"[tw] OR "gloves"[tw] OR "Respiratory Protective Devices"[Mh] OR "Masks"[Mesh] OR "mask"[tw] OR "masks"[tw] OR "N95"[tw] OR "P2"[tw] OR "air-purifying respirator"[tw] OR "PAPR"[tw] OR "enhanced respiratory and contact precautions" OR "E-RCP"[tw] OR "respiratory protection"[tw] OR "transparent panel"[tw] OR "surgical mask"[tw] OR "surgical masks"[tw] OR "filtering face piece"[tw] OR "filtering facepiece"[tw] OR "Eye Protective Devices"[Mesh] OR goggle*[tw] OR "visor"[tw] OR "facial protection equipment"[tw] OR "safety glass"[tw] OR "safety glasses"[tw] OR "safety spectacles"[tw] OR "personal protective equipment"[tw] OR "PPE"[tw] OR "protective equipment"[tw] OR overshoe*[tw] OR "shoe cover"[tw] OR "shoe covers"[tw] OR "rubber boot"[tw] OR "rubber boots"[tw] OR "head cover"[tw] OR "head covering"[tw] OR "face shield"[tw] OR "face shields"[tw] OR "surgical hood"[tw] OR "hood"[tw] OR "Equipment Contamination/prevention and control"[Mh] OR "Infection Control"[Mesh] OR "infection control"[tiab] OR "gloving"[tw] OR "donning"[tw] OR "doffing"[tw])
Ket JCF, Otten RHJ, and Van Dusseldorp I
Google Scholar based on e-mail by Wichor Bramer, with the addition of "covid 19". Input for PM by Katie Lobner and others via Twitter (6 Mar 2020). "severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2" [Supplementary Concept] was available since 14 Jan 2020 and both this supplementary concept as well as "COVID-19" [Supplementary Concept] refer to the same viral disease. With additions posted on expert-searching mailing list by Katharina Heldt, Robert Koch-Institute, 18 Mar 2020. Date restriction was suggested by Ingeborg van Dusseldorp, 20 Mar 2020. Changes made based on Krizia Tuand, KU Leuven Libraries Learning centre Désiré Collen, posted on expert-searching mailing list, 24 Mar 2020. I now (25 Mar 2020) use 'coronavirus*[tiab] OR corona virus*[tiab]' without terms like 'novel', 'new' as the latest studies leave these terms out. Because of the date restriction this works alright. Protective clothing by Nikki May, Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health, by e-mail 25 Mar 2020.
Diseases; Google Scholar (GS); PubMed (PM)