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Cardiovascular diseases

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PubMed sensitive:: "Cardiovascular Diseases"[Mesh] OR "Hyperlipidemias"[Mesh] OR "Cholesterol"[Mesh] OR "Stroke"[Mesh] OR cardiovascular disease*[tiab] OR cvd[tiab] OR coronary disease*[tiab] OR heart disease*[tiab] OR atherosclerosis[tiab] OR arteriosclerosis[tiab] OR hypertension[tiab] OR blood pressure[tiab] OR cholesterol[tiab] OR stroke*[tiab] OR peripheral vascular disease*[tiab] OR peripheral arterial disease*[tiab] OR hypercholesterol*[tiab] OR hyperlipid*[tiab];; PubMed medium:: "Cardiovascular Diseases"[Mesh:NoExp] OR "Myocardial Ischemia"[Mesh] OR "Arteriosclerosis"[Mesh] OR "Atherosclerosis"[Mesh] OR "Stroke"[Mesh] OR "Brain Ischemia"[Mesh] OR cardiovascular[tiab] OR ischemi*[tiab] OR ischaemi*[tiab] OR angina*[tiab] OR coronary[tiab] OR coronaries[tiab] OR myocard*[tiab] OR infarcti*[tiab] OR cerebrovascul*[tiab] OR atherosclero*[tiab] OR arteriosclero*[tiab] OR cva[tiab] OR cvas[tiab] OR stroke[tiab] OR cerebrovascular accident*[tiab] OR apoplex*[tiab] OR "brain vascular accident"[tiab] OR "brain vascular accidents"[tiab];; PubMed specific:: "Cardiovascular Diseases"[Mesh] OR cardiovascular disease*[tiab] OR cvd[tiab] OR coronary disease*[tiab]
source: Bayliss SE, Davenport CF, Pennant ME. Where and how to search for information on the effectiveness of public health interventions: a case study for prevention of cardiovascular disease. Health Info Libr J. 2014 Aug 19. doi: 10.1111/hir.12075. PubMedID: 25134780. Orig. drafted for OVID/Medline (up to 2008). Adapted for PubMed by Ket, 27 Aug 2014. PubMed medium drafted 5 Jan 2015.
Cardiology; Diseases; PubMed (PM)