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Adverse effects

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PubMed sensitive:: "complications"[Subheading] OR "complication"[all fields] OR "complications"[all fields] OR "complicating"[all fields] OR "adverse effects"[Subheading] OR "adverse effects"[all fields] OR "adverse effect"[all fields] OR "adversely affected"[all fields] OR "side effects"[all fields] OR "side effect"[all fields] OR "drug contraindication" [all fields] OR "drug contraindications" [all fields] OR "contraindications "[Subheading] OR "contraindications "[all fields] OR "contraindication"[All Fields] OR "contraindicated"[All Fields] OR "toxicity" [all fields] OR "Drug Toxicity"[Mesh] OR "Drug Eruptions"[Mesh] OR "drug toxicity" [all fields] OR "adverse drug reaction" [All Fields] OR "adverse drug reactions"[all fields] OR "drug eruptions" [all fields] OR "drug eruption" [all fields] OR "toxic effect" [all fields] OR "toxic effects" [all fields] OR "Toxic Actions"[Mesh] OR "adverse event" [all fields] OR "adverse events" [all fields] OR "poisoning" [all fields] OR "chemically induced "[Subheading] OR "chemically induced" [all fields] OR "Dose-Response Relationship, Drug"[Mesh] OR "Treatment Failure"[Mesh];; PubMed specific:: "Drug-Related Side Effects and Adverse Reactions"[Mesh] OR "Drug Eruptions"[Mesh] OR "Toxic Actions"[Mesh] OR "Dose-Response Relationship, Drug"[Mesh] OR "Treatment Failure"[Mesh] OR "adverse effects"[Subheading] OR "chemically induced"[Subheading] OR "Contraindications"[Mesh] OR "complications"[Subheading] OR complication*[tiab] OR complicating[tiab] OR adverse effect*[tiab] OR adversely affect*[tiab] OR side effect*[tiab] OR contraindicat*[tiab] OR adverse drug reaction*[tiab] OR drug eruption*[tiab] OR toxic effect*[tiab] OR adverse event*[tiab] OR poisoning*[tiab] OR chemically induc*[tiab];; CINAHL:: (MH "Adverse Drug Event") OR TI ( "adverse effect*" OR "adversely affect*" OR "side effect*" OR "adverse drug reaction*" OR "adverse event*" OR "chemically induc*" ) OR AB ( "adverse effect*" OR "adversely affect*" OR "side effect*" OR "adverse drug reaction*" OR "adverse event*" OR "chemically induc*" );; 'adverse event'/exp OR 'side effect'/exp OR 'adverse outcome'/exp OR 'treatment failure'/mj OR 'lack of drug effect'/exp OR 'complication'/exp OR complication*:ti,ab,kw OR 'drug contraindication*':ti,ab,kw OR 'drug toxicity and intoxication'/exp/mj OR 'drug toxicity':ti,ab,kw OR 'drug intoxication':ti,ab,kw OR poisoning:ti,ab,kw OR (((adverse* OR side OR toxic) NEAR/2 (event* OR ?ffect* OR reaction*)):ti,ab,kw);; OVID/Medline specific:: exp "Drug-Related Side Effects and Adverse Reactions"/ or exp Drug Eruptions/ or Dose-Response Relationship, Drug/ or exp Treatment Failure/ or exp Contraindications/ or exp toxic actions/ or ((adverse* or side or toxic) adj2 (event* or ?ffect* or reaction*)).ti,ab,kf. or (complicati* or contraindicat* or poisoning* or chemically induc*).ti,ab,kf.
Ket JCF, Van Dusseldorp I, and Wissinger CL
PM sensitive from Wissinger 'Cochrane Based Adverse Effects': (2009); PM specific and CINAHL based on Wissinger, drafted by Ket, 29 Sep 2016. EM created and PM specific revised by Van Dusseldorp, 26 Feb 2020. Ovid/Medline specific added by van Dusseldorp, 2 Feb. 2021
Adverse or side effects; EBSCO/CINAHL; (EM); PubMed (PM)