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Cesarean section

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PubMed:: "Cesarean Section"[Mesh] OR cesarea*[tiab] OR caesarea*[tiab] OR "c section"[tiab] OR "c sections"[tiab] OR (abdominal[tiab] AND deliver*[tiab]) OR postcesarea*[tiab] OR postcaesarea*[tiab];; 'cesarean section'/exp OR cesarea*:ab,ti OR caesarea*:ab,ti OR 'c section':ab,ti OR 'c sections':ab,ti OR (abdominal NEAR/3 deliver*):ab,ti OR postcesarea*:ab,ti OR postcaesarea*:ab,ti;; Cochrane Library:: (cesarea* or caesarea* or "c section" or "c sections" or (abdominal NEAR/3 deliver*) or postcesarea* or postcaesarea*):ti,ab,kw
Ket JCF and Vries R de
PubMed drafted by Ket, 4 Nov 2011, revised by De Vries, 15 Jul 2015; and Cochrane Library by Ket, 16 Nov 2016.
Keywords: (EM); Gynecology; Obstetrics; PubMed (PM); Surgery; Wiley/Cochrane Library (CLib)