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Conservative treatment

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PubMed:: "Watchful Waiting"[Mesh] OR watchful waiting[tiab] OR conservative*[tiab] OR noninvasive[tiab] OR non-invasive[tiab] OR nonsurgical[tiab] OR non-surgical[tiab] OR nonoperative[tiab] OR non-operative[tiab] OR observation[tiab];; 'conservative treatment'/exp OR 'watchful waiting':ab,ti OR conservative*:ab,ti OR noninvasive:ab,ti OR 'non invasive':ab,ti OR nonsurgical:ab,ti OR 'non surgical':ab,ti OR nonoperative:ab,ti OR 'non operative':ab,ti OR observation:ab,ti
Sloof C
was used for surgical questions. Adapt the building block for use in other specialties (e.g. replace terms for "non-surgical" with terms for "non-pharmacological" when comparative treatment is pharmacological). Specific terms like brace*, sling*, immobilizat*, bed rest etc. should be added when applicable.
Keywords: (EM); PubMed (PM); Therapy