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Diagnostic test validation

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PubMed limited:: "Sensitivity and Specificity"[MeSH] OR specificit*[tw] OR screening[tw] OR accura*[tw] OR reference value*[tw] OR false positive[tw] OR false negative[tw] OR predictive value*[tw] OR roc[tw] OR likelyhood*[tw] OR likelihood*[tw];; PubMed extensive:: "Sensitivity and Specificity"[MeSH] OR "Diagnostic Errors"[MeSH] OR sensitive[tw] OR sensitivity[tw] OR specificity[tw] OR accurate[tw] OR accuracy[tw] OR "golden standard" OR "gold standard" OR (reference[tw] AND (test[tw] OR standard[tw])) OR "index test" OR validity[tw] OR validation[tw] OR validate*[tw] OR valid[ti] OR validation studies[pt] OR verif*[ti] OR evaluation studies[pt] OR evaluat*[ti] OR (false[tw] AND (positive[tw] OR negative[tw])) OR pretest[tw] OR pre-test[tw] OR posttest[tw] OR post-test[tw] OR predictive value OR predict*[ti] OR roc[tw] OR likelyhood[tw] OR likelihood[tw] OR value*[ti] OR reference values[mesh] OR cutoff[tw] OR cut-off[tw] OR quality control[mesh] OR "reproducibility of results"[mesh] OR repeatability[tw] OR reproducibility[tw] OR efficacy[tw] OR reliability[tw] OR comparative study[pt] OR odds[tw] OR error*[tw] OR suitability[tw] OR utility[tw];; PubMed higher sensitivity:: "Sensitivity and specificity"[MeSH] OR predict*[tw] OR diagnos*[tw] OR accura*[tw];; limited:: 'sensitivity and specificity'/exp OR 'screening'/exp OR 'reference value'/exp OR 'diagnostic error'/exp OR 'predictive value'/exp OR 'receiver operating characteristic'/exp OR specificit*:ab,ti OR screening:ab,ti OR accura*:ab,ti OR 'reference value*':ab,ti OR 'false positive':ab,ti OR 'false negative':ab,ti OR 'predictive value*':ab,ti OR roc:ab,ti OR likelyhood*:ab,ti OR likelihood*:ab,ti;; higher sensitivity:: sensitiv* OR detect* OR accura* OR specific* OR reliab* OR positive OR negative OR diagnos*
Riphagen II and Ket JCF
PubMed limited orig. published in: Devillé WL, Buntinx F, Bouter LM, Montori VM, de Vet HC, van der Windt DA, Bezemer PD. Conducting systematic reviews of diagnostic studies: didactic guidelines. BMC Med Res Methodol. 2002 Jul 3;2:9. PubMedID: 12097142; PubMedCID: PubMedC117243, adapted to a shorter notation by Riphagen; added. PubMed extensive created by Riphagen, 2006. Compared to the Clinical Queries/Diagnosis this filter is more sensitive than the specific query, and more specific than the sensitive query. Revised by Ket, Jan 2009. limited is translation of PubMed limited, by Ket, 21 Apr 2016. PubMed higher sensitivity from: Bachmann LM, Coray R, Estermann P, Ter Riet G. Identifying diagnostic studies in MEDLINE: reducing the number needed to read. J Am Med Inform Assoc. 2002 Nov-Dec;9(6):653-8. PubMedID: 12386115; PubMedCID: PubMedC349381, cited by: (Countway Library of Medicine, 31 Aug 2016). higher sensitivity from: Bachmann LM, Estermann P, Kronenberg C, ter Riet G. Identifying diagnostic accuracy studies in Embase.comBASE. J Med Libr Assoc. 2003 Jul;91(3):341-6. PubMedID: 12883560; PubMedCID: PubMedC164397, cited by: (Countway Library of Medicine, 31 Aug 2016);
Diagnosis; PubMed (PM); Study types; methodology