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Family medicine or general practice

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PubMed sensitive:: (“family”[all fields] OR physician*[all fields] OR practice*[tw] OR “primary care”[all fields] OR “Primary Health Care”[mh] OR primary[tw] OR general pract*[tiab] OR gp[tiab] OR gps[tiab]);; PubMed specific:: (“Primary Health Care”[mh] OR “primary care”[all fields] OR “Physicians, Family”[mh] OR general pract*[all fields] OR “family”[ad] OR family pract*[all fields] OR family physician*[tw]);; Ovid/MEDLINE or Embase sensitive:: ( OR physician$.af. OR practice$.mp. OR primary OR exp Primary Health Care/ OR OR general pract$.af. OR OR;; Ovid/MEDLINE or Embase specific:: (exp Primary Health Care/ OR primary OR exp Physicians, Family/ OR general pract$.af. OR OR family pract$.af. OR family physician$.mp.;; sensitive:: (family OR physician* OR practice*:de,it,lnk,ab,ti OR ‘primary care’ OR ‘Primary Health Care’/exp OR primary:de,it,lnk,ab,ti OR (general NEXT/1 pract*) OR gp:ab,ti OR gps:ab,ti);; specific:: (‘Primary Health Care’/exp OR ‘primary care’ OR (general NEXT/1 pract*) OR family:ad OR (family NEXT/1 pract*) OR (family NEXT/1 physician*):de,it,lnk,ab,ti);; Cochrane Library sensitive:: (“family” OR physician* OR practice*:ti,ab,kw,pt OR “primary care” OR [mh “Primary Health Care”] OR “primary”:ti,ab,kw,pt OR general pract*:ab,ti OR “gp”:ab,ti OR “gps”:ab,ti);; Cochrane Library specific:: ([mh “Primary Health Care”] OR “primary care” OR [mh “Physicians, Family”] OR general pract* OR family pract* OR family physician*:ti,ab,kw,pt)
Bindels PJE, Bohnen AM, Bramer WM, Pols DHJ, and van de Laar FA
source: Development and validation of search filters to identify articles on family medicine in online medical databases; doi:10.1370/afm.1780.
Keywords: (EM); OVID-Embase; OVID-Medline; PubMed (PM); Wiley/Cochrane Library (CLib)
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