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High sensitivity (broad):: (clinic* or practi* or primary or physician* or refer* or visit* or outpatient* or consult* or family or communit* or ambulatory or centre? or centre? or office).ti,ab.;; High specificity (narrow):: (general practi* or primary health*).ti,ab.;; High specificity with improved sensitivity:: (general practi* or family practi* or family physician* or primary health* or primary care*).ti,ab. or primary health or family or physicians, or ambulatory;; Optimizing sensitivity and specificity (best balance):: (primary care or primary health or family physician* or general practi* or family practi* or outpatient? or clinic? or ambulatory or health centre? or health centre? or office).ti,ab.
Gill PJ, Heneghan C, Roberts NW, and Wang KY
Source: Development of a search filter for identifying studies completed in primary care; doi:10.1093/fampra/cmu066.
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