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Fertilization in vitro (IVF)

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PubMed:: "Embryo Transfer"[Mesh] OR "Fertilization in Vitro"[Mesh] OR ivf[tiab] OR icsi[tiab] OR (embryo*[tiab] AND (transfer*[tiab] OR implantat*[tiab])) OR (("in vitro"[tiab] OR invitro[tiab]) AND fertili*[tiab]) OR (intracytoplas*[tiab] AND sperm[tiab]) OR (assisted[tiab] AND reproductive[tiab] AND technique*[tiab]);; 'embryo transfer'/exp OR 'fertilization in vitro'/exp OR 'intracytoplasmic sperm injection'/exp OR ivf:ab,ti OR icsi:ab,ti OR (embryo*:ab,ti AND (transfer*:ab,ti OR implantat*:ab,ti)) OR ('in vitro':ab,ti OR invitro:ab,ti AND fertili*:ab,ti) OR (intracytoplas*:ab,ti AND sperm:ab,ti) OR (assisted:ab,ti AND reproductive:ab,ti AND technique*:ab,ti);; Cochrane Library:: #1 (MeSH descriptor Embryo Transfer explode all trees) OR #2 (MeSH descriptor Fertilization in Vitro explode all trees) OR #3 (ivf OR icsi OR (embryo* AND (transfer* OR implantat*)) OR (("in vitro" OR invitro) AND fertili*) OR (intracytoplas* AND sperm) OR (assisted AND reproductive AND technique*)):ti,ab,kw
Keywords: (EM); Fertility; PubMed (PM); Wiley/Cochrane Library (CLib)
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