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Artificial reproductive techniques (ART)

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PubMed extensive:: ("Reproductive Techniques, Assisted"[Mesh] OR reproducti*[tiab] OR art[tiab] OR ivf[tiab] OR ovulation[tiab] OR oocyte*[tiab] OR fertili*[tiab] OR ovaria*[tiab] OR embryo*[tiab]);; PubMed limited:: "Reproductive Techniques, Assisted"[Mesh] OR ((reproducti*[tiab] OR oocyte*[tiab] OR concepti*[tiab] OR seminat*[tiab] OR inseminat*[tiab] OR sperm injection*[tiab]) AND (art[tiab] OR artif*[tiab] OR assist*[tiab])) OR ivf[tiab] OR in vitro fertili*[tiab] OR icsi[tiab] OR imsi[tiab] OR iui[tiab];; 'infertility therapy'/exp OR reproducti*:ab,ti OR art:ab,ti OR ivf:ab,ti OR ovulation:ab,ti OR oocyte*:ab,ti OR fertili*:ab,ti OR ovaria*:ab,ti OR embryo*:ab,ti
Ket JCF and Vries R de
PubMed extensive and drafted by Ket, 5 Apr 2011; PubMed limited by De Vries, 1 Sep 2015. ART is broader than IVF.
Keywords: (EM); Fertility; PubMed (PM)
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Fertilization in vitro (IVF)