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Treatment as usual

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PubMed:: (treatment*[tiab] AND usual[tiab]) OR (standard[tiab] AND care[tiab]) OR (standard[tiab] AND treatment[tiab]) OR (routine[tiab] AND care[tiab]) OR (usual[tiab] AND medication*[tiab]) OR (usual[tiab] AND care[tiab]) OR tau[tiab] OR waitlist*[tiab] OR wait list*[tiab] OR waiting list*[tiab] OR (waiting[tiab] AND (condition[tiab] OR control[tiab])) OR wlc[tiab] OR (delay*[tiab] AND (start[tiab] OR treatment*[tiab])) OR "no intervention"[tiab] OR non treatment*[tiab] OR nontreatment*[tiab] OR (minim*[tiab] AND treatment*[tiab]) OR untreated group*[tiab] OR untreated control*[tiab] OR "without any treatment"[tiab] OR (untreated[tiab] AND (patients[tiab] OR participants[tiab] OR subjects[tiab] OR group*[tiab] OR control*[tiab])) OR non intervention*[tiab] OR ("without any"[tiab] AND intervention*[tiab]) OR (receiv*[tiab] AND nothing[tiab]) OR "did not receive"[tiab] OR standard control[tiab] OR non therap*[tiab] OR nontherap*[tiab] OR nonpsychotherap*[tiab] OR (minim*[tiab] AND therap*[tiab]) OR pseudotherap*[tiab] OR pseudo therap*[tiab] OR (therap*[tiab] AND as usual[tiab]) OR usual therap*[tiab] OR reference group[tiab] OR observation group[tiab] OR (convention*[tiab] AND treatment[tiab]) OR conventional therap*[tiab] OR standard treatment*[tiab] OR (standard[tiab] AND therap*[tiab]);; ((treatment* NEAR/2 usual) OR (standard NEAR/2 care) OR (standard NEAR/2 treatment) OR (routine NEAR/2 care) OR (usual NEAR/2 medication*) OR (usual NEAR/2 care) OR tau):ti,ab OR (waitlist* OR 'wait list*' OR 'waiting list*' OR (waiting NEXT/1 (condition OR control)) OR wlc):ti,ab OR ((delay* NEAR/3 (start OR treatment*)) OR 'no intervention' OR 'no treatment*' OR 'non treatment*' OR nontreatment* OR (minim* NEXT/3 treatment*) OR 'untreated group*' OR 'untreated control*' OR 'without any treatment'):ti,ab OR (untreated NEAR/3 (patients OR participants OR subjects OR group* OR control*)):ti,ab OR ('non intervention*' OR 'without any intervention*'):ti,ab OR ((receiv* NEXT/1 nothing) OR 'did not receive' OR 'standard control'):ti,ab OR ((no NEXT/1 therap*) OR (non NEXT/1 therap*) OR nontherap* OR nonpsychotherap* OR (minim* NEXT/1 therap*) OR 'no contact' OR pseudotherap* OR (pseudo NEXT/1 therap*) OR (therap* NEXT/1 'as usual') OR (usual NEXT/1 therap*)):ti,ab OR ('reference group' OR 'observation group'):ti,ab OR ((convention* NEXT/1 treatment) OR 'conventional therap*' OR 'standard treatment*' OR (standard NEXT/1 therap*)):ti,ab;; CINAHL:: (TX (waitlist* or (wait* and list*)) and (control* or group))) OR ((TX "treatment as usual") or (TX tau));; PsycInfo:: AB (((waitlist* or (wait* and list*)) and (control* or group)) or "treatment as usual" or tau)
original drafts by Sarah Dawson, Cochrane CCDAN group, 21 Jun 2016. TAU-filters may retrieve other comparative studies than RCTs, the comparison here being 'treatment as usual', in stead of placebo or gold standard therapy. See also 'no treatment'. For CINAHL the 'Treatment as usual'-filter is integrated in the RCT-filter.
EBSCO/CINAHL; EBSCO/PsycInfo (PI); (EM); PubMed (PM); Study types; Therapy
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