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Randomized controlled trials (RCTs)

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PubMed limited:: ((random*[tiab] AND (controlled[tiab] OR control[tiab] OR placebo[tiab] OR versus[tiab] OR vs[tiab] OR group[tiab] OR groups[tiab] OR comparison[tiab] OR compared[tiab] OR arm[tiab] OR arms[tiab] OR crossover[tiab] OR cross-over[tiab]) AND (trial[tiab] OR study[tiab])) OR ((single[tiab] OR double[tiab] OR triple[tiab]) AND (masked[tiab] OR blind*[tiab])));; PubMed extensive (Cochrane):: "Randomized Controlled Trial" [Publication Type] OR "Controlled Clinical Trial" [Publication Type] OR "drug therapy" [Subheading] OR random*[tiab] OR placebo[tiab] OR randomly[tiab] OR trial[tiab] OR groups[tiab];; PubMed variation:: (double-blind method[mh] OR single-blind method[mh] OR clinical trial[pt] OR "clinical trial"[tw] OR "pragmatic trial"[tw] OR "real world trial"[tw] OR ((singl*[tw] OR doubl*[tw] OR trebl*[tw] OR tripl*[tw]) AND (mask*[tw] OR blind*[tw])) OR "latin square"[tw] OR placebos[mh] OR placebo*[tw] OR random*[tw] OR research design[mh:noexp] OR comparative study[pt] OR evaluation studies[pt] OR follow-up studies[mh] OR prospective studies[mh] OR cross-over studies[mh] OR control[tw] OR controll*[tw] OR prospectiv*[tw] OR volunteer*[tw]) NOT (animals[mh] NOT humans[mh]);; extensive (Cochrane):: random* OR factorial* OR crossover* OR (cross NEXT/1 over*) OR placebo* OR (doubl* AND blind*) OR (singl* AND blind*) OR assign* OR allocat* OR volunteer* OR 'crossover procedure'/exp OR 'double blind procedure'/exp OR 'randomized controlled trial'/exp OR 'single blind procedure'/exp;; variation:: ('clinical':ti,ab AND 'trial':ti,ab) OR 'clinical trial'/exp OR random* OR 'drug therapy':lnk;; PsycInfo extensive:: DE "Treatment Effectiveness Evaluation" OR DE "Clinical Trials" OR DE "Mental Health Program Evaluation" OR DE "Placebo" OR TI placebo* OR AB placebo* OR AB randomly OR TX randomi* OR TI trial OR AB trial OR TX ((singl* OR doubl* OR trebl* OR tripl*) N3 (blind* OR mask* OR dummy)) OR TI (control* N3 (trial* OR study OR studies OR group*)) OR AB (control* N3 (trial* OR study OR studies OR group*)) OR TI factorial* OR AB factorial* OR TI allocat* OR AB allocat* OR TI assign* OR AB assign* OR TI volunteer* OR AB volunteer* OR TI (crossover* OR "cross over*") OR AB (crossover* OR "cross over*") OR TX (quasi N5 (experimental OR random*));; CINAHL extensive:: (MH "Clinical Trials+") OR (PT (Clinical trial)) OR (MH "Random Assignment") OR (MH "Quantitative Studies") OR (TX ((clini* N1 trial*) OR (singl* N1 blind*) OR (singl* N1 mask*) OR (doubl* N1 blind*) OR (doubl* N1 mask*) OR (tripl* N1 blind*) OR (tripl* N1 mask*) OR (random* N1 allocat*) OR placebo* OR ((waitlist* OR (wait* and list*)) and (control* OR group)) OR "treatment as usual" OR tau OR (control* N3 (trial* OR study OR studies OR group*)) OR randomized OR randomised));; Web of Science extensive:: TOPIC:(random* or control* or study or trial or compar* or group or groups or therapy or treatment or intervention)
Ket JCF, Mol M, Pelgrim T, Riphagen II, and Vries R de
PM limited: PM's Clinical Query 'Therapy/Narrow' is too narrow and CQ 'Therapy/Broad' is too broad. PubMed's own 'filter' (randomized controlled trial[pt]) looses non-indexed ('PreMedline') items. Orig. drafted 21 Nov 2013. OT-tag added to find author keywords, 16 Jan 2014. PM extensive: from: Cochrane Handbook, Version 5.0.1, [updated September 2008], eds: Higgins & Green, box 6.4.a: Cochrane Highly Sensitive Search Strategy for identifying randomized trials in MEDLINE: sensitivity-maximizing version (2008 revision) []. Notation as a search string by Ket, Jan 2009. This filter differs from the 'Clinical trial'-filter as the above filter will only find randomized controlled trials and not the more broad search for 'clinical trials' in the 'Clinical Trials'-filter. extensive: From: Cochrane Handbook, Version 5.0.1, [updated September 2008], eds: Higgins & Green, chapter, What is in The Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (CENTRAL) from EMBASE? [], notation as a search string by Ket (Jan 2009). This search string is based on research by the UK Cochrane Centre "for reports of trials not indexed as trials in MEDLINE (Lefebvre 2008)." From: Cochrane Handbook, chapter Revision by De Vries, Sep 2013). PsycInfo extensive, CINAHL extensive and Web of Science extensive originally drafted by Cochrane Collaboration, received by e-mail from Sarah Dawson, 21 Jun 2016 and adapted by Ket, 5 Jul 2016. CINAHL corrected by Thomas Pelgrim, 15 Jan 2018. For CINAHL the filter includes the 'Treatment as usual'-filter. For PsycInfo the OVID/PI-filter was translated to EBSCO/PsycInfo by Ket, 5 Jul 2016. PubMed variation by De Vries, 25 Jun 2016 variation from: (Countway Library of Medicine, 31 Aug 2016)
Clarivate Analytics/Web of Science (WoS); EBSCO/CINAHL; EBSCO/PsycInfo (PI); (EM); Limits; PubMed (PM); Study types; methodology
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