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PubMed:: (randomized controlled trial[pt] OR controlled clinical trial[pt] OR randomized controlled trials[mh] OR random allocation[mh] OR double-blind method[mh] OR single-blind method[mh] OR clinical trial[pt] OR clinical trials[mh] OR "clinical trial"[tw] OR ((singl*[tw] OR doubl*[tw] OR trebl*[tw] OR tripl*[tw]) AND (mask*[tw] OR blind*[tw])) OR "latin square"[tw] OR placebos[mh] OR placebo*[tw] OR random*[tw] OR research design[mh:noexp] OR comparative study[pt] OR evaluation studies[pt] OR follow-up studies[mh] OR prospective studies[mh] OR cross-over studies[mh] OR control[tw] OR controll*[tw] OR prospectiv*[tw] OR volunteer*[tw]) NOT (animals[mh] NOT humans[mh]);; 'clinical trial'/exp OR 'triple blind procedure'/exp OR 'double blind procedure'/exp OR 'single blind procedure'/exp OR 'randomization'/exp OR 'placebo'/exp OR 'methodology'/de OR 'comparative study'/de OR 'evaluation study'/de OR 'follow up'/exp OR 'prospective study'/exp OR 'crossover procedure'/exp OR 'clinical trial':ab,ti OR ((singl*:ab,ti OR doubl*:ab,ti OR trebl*:ab,ti OR tripl*:ab,ti) AND (mask*:ab,ti OR blind*:ab,ti)) OR 'latin square':ab,ti OR placebo*:ab,ti OR random*:ab,ti OR control:ab,ti OR controll*:ab,ti OR prospectiv*:ab,ti OR volunteer*:ab,ti;; Web of Science:: (TS= (random* or control* or study or trial or compar* or group or groups or therapy or treatment or intervention))
Ket JCF, Riphagen II, and Vries R de
PubMed drafted from the Cochrane Handbook in 2009, Robinson/Dickersin 2002, published in: Robinson KA, Dickersin K. Development of a highly sensitive search strategy for the retrieval of reports of controlled trials using PubMed. Int J Epidemiol. 2002 Feb;31(1):150-3. PubMedID: 11914311. []. Adapted to a shorter notation by Riphagen. PubMed revised by Ket (Jan 2009). drafted by De Vries, 1 May 2015. Web of Science from Sarah Dawson, trials search coordinator from the Cochrane Depression, Anxiety and Neurosis Group (CCDANCTR), 21 Jun 2016;
Clarivate Analytics/Web of Science (WoS); (EM); PubMed (PM); Study types
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