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PubMed:: ("Meta-Analysis" [Publication Type] OR "Meta-Analysis as Topic"[Mesh] OR metaanaly*[tiab] OR meta-analy*[tiab] or metanaly*[tiab] OR "Systematic Review" [Publication Type] OR systematic[sb] OR "Cochrane Database Syst Rev"[Journal] or prisma[tiab] OR preferred reporting items[tiab] OR prospero[tiab] OR ((systemati*[ti] OR scoping[ti] OR umbrella[ti] OR structured literature[ti]) AND (review*[ti] OR overview*[ti])) OR systematic review*[tiab] OR scoping review*[tiab] OR umbrella review*[tiab] OR structured literature review*[tiab] OR systematic qualitative review*[tiab] OR systematic quantitative review*[tiab] OR systematic search and review[tiab] OR systematized review[tiab] OR systematised review[tiab] OR systemic review[tiab] OR systematic literature review*[tiab] OR systematic integrative literature review*[tiab] OR systematically review*[tiab] OR scoping literature review*[tiab] OR systematic critical review[tiab] OR systematic integrative review*[tiab] OR systematic evidence review[tiab] OR Systematic integrative literature review*[tiab] OR Systematic mixed studies review*[tiab] OR Systematized literature review*[tiab] OR Systematic overview*[tiab] OR Systematic narrative review*[tiab] OR ((systemati*[tiab] OR literature[tiab] OR database*[tiab] OR data-base*[tiab] OR structured[tiab] OR comprehensive*[tiab] OR systemic*[tiab]) AND search*[tiab]) OR (Literature[ti] AND review[ti] AND (database*[tiab] OR data-base*[tiab] OR search*[tiab])) OR ((data extraction[tiab] OR data source*[tiab]) AND study selection[tiab]) OR (search strategy[tiab] AND selection criteria[tiab]) OR (data source*[tiab] AND data synthesis[tiab]) OR medline[tiab] OR pubmed[tiab] OR embase[tiab] OR Cochrane[tiab] OR ((critical[ti] OR rapid[ti]) AND (review*[ti] OR overview*[ti] OR synthes*[ti])) OR (((critical*[tiab] OR rapid*[tiab]) AND (review*[tiab] OR overview*[tiab] OR synthes*[tiab]) AND (search*[tiab] OR database*[tiab] OR data-base*[tiab]))) OR metasynthes*[tiab] OR meta-synthes*[tiab]) NOT ("Comment" [Publication Type] OR "Letter" [Publication Type] OR "Editorial" [Publication Type] OR (("Animals"[Mesh] OR "Models, Animal"[Mesh]) NOT "Humans"[Mesh]));; OVID/Medline:: (meta-analysis/ or meta-analysis as topic/ or (metaanaly* or meta-analy* or metanaly*).ti,ab,kf. or systematic review/ or cochrane.jw. or (prisma or prospero).ti,ab,kf. or ((systemati* or scoping or umbrella or "structured literature") adj3 (review* or overview*)).ti,ab,kf. or (systemic* adj1 review*).ti,ab,kf. or ((systemati* or literature or database* or data-base*) adj10 search*).ti,ab,kf. or ((structured or comprehensive* or systemic*) adj3 search*).ti,ab,kf. or ((literature adj3 review*) and (search* or database* or data-base*)).ti,ab,kf. or (("data extraction" or "data source*") and "study selection").ti,ab,kf. or ("search strategy" and "selection criteria").ti,ab,kf. or ("data source*" and "data synthesis").ti,ab,kf. or (medline or pubmed or embase or cochrane).ab. or ((critical or rapid) adj2 (review* or overview* or synthes*)).ti. or (((critical* or rapid*) adj3 (review* or overview* or synthes*)) and (search* or database* or data-base*)).ab. or (metasynthes* or meta-synthes*).ti,ab,kf.) not (comment/ or editorial/ or letter/ or ((exp animals/ or exp models, animal/) not humans/));; OVID/Embase:: (exp meta analysis/ or exp "meta analysis (topic)"/ or (metaanaly* or meta analy* or metanaly*).ti,ab. or systematic review/ or "cochrane database of systematic reviews".jn. or prisma.ti,ab. or prospero.ti,ab. or ((systemati* or scoping or umbrella or structured literature) adj3 (review* or overview*)).ti,ab. or (systematic* adj1 review*).ti,ab. or ((systemati* or literature or database* or data base*) adj10 search*).ti,ab. or ((structured or comprehensive* or systematic*) adj3 search).ti,ab. or ((literature adj3 review).ti. and (search* or database* or data base*).ab.) or ((data extraction or "data source*") and study selection).ti,ab. or (search strategy and selection criteria).ti,ab. or (data source and data synthesis).ti,ab. or medline.ab. or pubmed.ab. or embase.ab. or cochrane.ab. or ((critical or rapid) adj2 (review* or overview* or synthes*)).ti. or (((critical* or rapid*) adj3 (review* or overview* or synthes*)) and (search* or database* or data base*)).ab. or metasynthes*.ti,ab. or meta synthes*.ti,ab.) not ((exp animal/ or exp 'animal experiment'/ or exp 'animal model'/ or exp 'nonhuman'/) NOT exp 'human'/) not (conference abstract or conference review or editorial or letter or note).pt.;; ('meta analysis'/exp OR 'meta analysis (topic)'/exp OR (metaanaly* OR 'meta analy*’ OR metanaly*):ti,ab OR 'systematic review'/de OR 'cochrane database of systematic reviews'/jt OR (prisma OR prospero):ti,ab OR (((systemati* OR scoping OR umbrella OR 'structured literature') NEAR/3 (review* OR overview*)):ti,ab) OR ((systemic* NEAR/1 review*):ti,ab) OR (((systemati* OR literature OR database* OR 'data base*') NEAR/10 search*):ti,ab) OR (((structured OR comprehensive* OR systemic*) NEAR/3 search*):ti,ab) OR ((literature NEAR/3 review*):ti,ab AND (search* OR database* OR 'data base*'):ti,ab) OR (('data extraction':ti,ab OR 'data source*':ti,ab) AND 'study selection':ti,ab) OR ('search strategy':ti,ab AND 'selection criteria':ti,ab) OR ('data source*':ti,ab AND 'data synthesis':ti,ab) OR (medline OR pubmed OR embase OR Cochrane):ab OR (((critical OR rapid) NEAR/2 (review* OR overview* OR synthes*)):ti) OR ((((critical* OR rapid*) NEAR/3 (review* OR overview* OR synthes*)):ab) AND (search*:ab OR database*:ab OR 'data base*':ab)) OR (metasynthes* OR 'meta synthes*'):ti,ab) NOT (('animal'/exp OR 'animal experiment'/exp OR 'animal model'/exp OR 'nonhuman'/exp) NOT 'human'/exp) NOT ('conference abstract'/it OR 'conference review'/it OR 'editorial'/it OR 'letter'/it OR 'note'/it)
Delvaux E, Hielkema L, Ket JCF, Mol M, Niesink-Boerboom L, and Wessels M
Drafted to search specifically for guidelines. This search block was developed by a group of medical information specialists. This project is funded by the Biomedical Information Specialists (BMI)-group. The project as a whole aims to develop a guideline (‘Leidraad’) for searching for guidelines in cooperation between the Knowledge Institute of the Federation of Medical Specialists ( and the BMI. The BMI is a working group of the KNVI (Royal Dutch Society for Information Professionals). The SIGN ( and NICE-filters (from NICE guideline Age-related macular degeneration [NG82] (Jan 2018) ( formed the base material. We compared these and added possible relevant terms, e.g. from: Grant MJ, Booth A. A typology of reviews: an analysis of 14 review types and associated methodologies. Health Info Libr J. 2009;26(2):91-108. doi:10.1111/j.1471-1842.2009.00848.x. We tested our drafts against, amongst others, the systematic review-subset from PubMed and also on various subject searches relevant for guidelines. We included other types of systematic reviews, like scoping reviews, as well. This search block is both more specific and more extensive at the same time, because of the use of relevant terms as phrases.
Keywords: (EM); Guideline; OVID-Embase; OVID-Medline; PubMed (PM); Study types; methodology
See also:
Systematic reviews; Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) (for guidelines); Observational, non-randomized, comparative studies (for guidelines)