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Observational, non-randomized, comparative studies (for guidelines)

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OVID/Medline:: ((controlled clinical trial/ or (((control or controlled) adj6 trial) or ((control or controlled) adj6 study) or ((control or controlled) adj1 active) or "open label*" or (( double or two or three or multi or trial) adj (arm or arms)) or (allocat* adj10 (arm or arms)) or placebo* or "sham-control*" or ((single or double or triple or assessor) adj1 (blind* or masked)) or nonrandom* or "non-random*" or "quasi-experimental" or crossover or "cross over" or "parallel group*" or "factorial trial").ti,ab,kf or clinical trial, phase ii/ or clinical trial, phase iii/ or clinical trial, phase iv/ or (phase adj5 (study or trial)).ti,ab,kf) or (Case-Control Studies/ or ((case* adj6 (matched or control*)) or (match* adj6 (pair or pairs or cohort* or control* or group* or healthy or age or sex or gender or patient* or subject* or participant*))).ti,ab,kf or (propensity adj6 (scor* or match*)).ti,ab,kf) or ((exp cohort studies/ or observational study/ or cross-sectional studies/ or multicenter study/ or (cohort* or 'follow up' or followup or longitudinal* or prospective* or retrospective* or observational* or cross sectional* or cross?ectional* or multicent* or 'multi-cent*' or consecutive* ).ti,ab,kf) and ((group or groups or subgroup* or versus or vs or compar*).ti,ab,kf or ('odds ratio*' or 'relative odds' or 'risk ratio*' or 'relative risk*' or aor or arr or rrr).ab or (("OR" or "RR") adj6 CI).ab.) or (versus or vs or compar*).ti. or Comparative study/ or (compar* adj study).ti,ab,kf or historically controlled study/)) not ((exp animals/ or exp models,animal/) not humans/) not (letter/ or comment/ or editorial/)
Delvaux E, Hielkema L, Ket JCF, Mol M, Niesink-Boerboom L, Van Dusseldorp I, and Wessels M
Drafted to search specifically for guidelines. This search block was developed by a group of medical information specialists. This project is funded by the Biomedical Information Specialists (BMI)-group. The project as a whole aims to develop a guideline (‘Leidraad’) for searching for guidelines in cooperation between the Knowledge Institute of the Federation of Medical Specialists ( and the BMI. The BMI is a working group of the KNVI (Royal Dutch Society for Information Professionals).
Guideline; OVID-Medline; Study types
See also:
Randomized controlled trials (RCTs); Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) (for guidelines); Systematic reviews (for guidelines)